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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Qlex, 14 Oct 2015.

  1. Yes, my mistake, the link is . I'm actually about to stream right now to review @Supernaze7 's games! It will be a mix of French and English but you should enjoy this one hopefully ;)
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  2. Thanks i'll watch!
  3. Alright, next session is coming up at 10 PM CET, that's in 50 minutes! I will be reviewing @BBQTurkeyzZ's videos if the internet conditions do not suck like yesterday's.

    Regarding the next sessions, I need the confirmation of @Jayce, @Ephraim225 and @FreakyByte for respectively Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 9 PM CET (or 8 PM GMT)!
    Any other person who is not comfortable with a time slot at 9 PM CET could come over for the weekend! I'll try and note down as much info as I can :)
  4. Internet conditions did suck (probably my fault in all fairness).
    Wednesday will be fine, same time (9pm GMT)?
  5. Duly noted! Tuesday and Wednesday are confirmed now! Waiting on @Jayce's answer :)
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  6. Woo, sorry, I've been away and missed this. Unfortunately I'm busy Monday (and Tues/Thurs), happy to get pushed further back though, glad to get the tips :D
  7. Sure! That leaves an open spot for Monday, though I can get used to a bit of calm here haha. If anyone wants to go to Monday 9 PM CET, you can always notify me here before it's too late and you get to come later!
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  8. Hey Qlex, can you PM your skype name for tomorrow?

    There's like 24 guys with "Qlex" in their name when I do a contact search so I gotta make sure I have the right one.

    Anyways, I'll try not to be half asleep XD
  9. There you go :) see you at 9 PM!
  10. @Jayce

    Those users need to tell me if a time slot of roughly 9 PM CET during the week is convenient or not. If not, I'll assign them to the weekend. So far I know @EnchantressOfNumbers's analysis will take place during the weekend, but for any of the others I am not 100% sure. Also, if you wish to take the weekend, keep in mind that Sunday evening in Europe will be hard for me (gonna watch the movie with Matt Damon), but aside from that, give a preferred time slot and I'll find a way. Thanks!
  11. This weekend is no good for mine, I'm going to be out of town at a wedding.
  12. I can do 9PM CET on Friday. I'll have some videos for you by then.
  13. Tonight was quite a bit of trouble, that should be taken care of tomorrow, hopefully. See you there!

    @JBroms : Unfortunately next Friday will be the end of the session, and this Friday is reserved for @FreakyByte... Do both of you have other time slots I can try to work with?
  14. I can do earlier on saturday, next week is still tbd for me. I'll keep in touch.
  15. For me, Sundays and Mondays at 9 PM CET are out of the question. Other than that, just whenever you feel is best! I can make just about any other day work given advance notice.
  16. Okay then I propose the following :

    @MaryHadALittle - This Sunday 3 PM or 6 PM CET
    @JBroms - This Saturday 3 PM or 6 PM CET
    @Jayce - Next Tuesday 9 PM CET
    @EnchantressOfNumbers - Next Saturday 6 PM CET

    Next Saturday will be the last review, my parents will be back on Friday so we'll count a bit of time before getting back to business once more. I think I've covered almost everybody but don't hesitate to say if you're interested or not!
  17. Hey, I'm interested to do this eventually buuuuuut I don'nt know my disponibilities for the next several yet.
  18. That's perfectly alright! You are added to the list. The remaining slots are 9 PM CET concerning Monday, Tuesday, this weekend or the next weekend as a last resort. Keep me informed ;)
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  19. Hey, sorry, I'm usually busy Tuesdays/Thursdays (I should have been more explicit), I should be good for the Wednesday slot if that's still open? :D
  20. It is! I put you on Wednesday, in a week then.
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