[CLOSED] NorCal TGM3 - SouthTown Arcade in San Francisco

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  1. EDIT: Sorry everyone, SouthTown Arcade closed around the end of November 2012. :(

    Hot on the heels of SJSU's TGM2+ install is a soon-to-be TGM3 location -- and with Japanese parts to boot!


    As if being able to take BART to a good selection of games in candy cabs wasn't good enough already, right? I figure we're going to have to do a good number of meet-ups to play all the Tetris in our neck of the woods these days. I know Monte was itchin' for one when he caught wind of local TGM2+, but... now we're going to have Windjammers, Magical Drop, Hyper Fighting, and Shirase under one roof? I'll be damned if he doesn't drag me out of class and off to the train station, hahaha.
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    Welp, looks like they have it in then: http://twitpic.com/4tkylj
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    So, I was feeling a bit down yesterday and decided to whisk myself away to San Francisco for an evening of Ti. The game is currently installed in a Jaleco Pony IV. When I first came in, the layout was wired ABCD (pinky Hold! :)), but a quick mention to the helpful and friendly staff got us right on our way to a DABC layout. I had a nice chat with the owner about potential button layout concerns and he said that we may see TGM3 in the Irem Madonna with an Astro City layout as soon as he can get some new control panels in, but it's more than playable as-is once you take a moment to adjust to D's position on the panel.

    I didn't pull off anything spectacular when I was there, but I did get a serviceable account set up: ~500 Hanabi in Easy, EX5 in Sakura (before the layout fix! :V), m5 provisional in Master (no qualified grade, though I did spaz out and fail an S8 promotion exam), and stopped at 500 in Shirase. I also tried my hand at some Metal Slug and Magical Drop 3 (and boy am I still poor at Magical Drop!), but I held back from playing any fighters this visit, haha. All in all, it's a great place, and I'd love to come back to hang out some time with some TGMers in tow.

    To Ray and others: It sounds like there will probably be some sort of shmupping action available in the future, so stay tuned for that as well. :D

    (Fun Fact: It turns out that this is the TGM3 kit formerly belonging to The Enigmatic Form.)
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    Wow, they really had to make that joke, huh.
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    So, they made a tweet yesterday saying that Ikaruga is now part of the line-up and TGM3 has a proper Astro layout now. :)

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