Classic Tetris European Championship 13-14 March 2015

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by THC, 25 Oct 2014.

  1. you shouldn't be worried about jani... you should be worried about me. :p
  2. Haha, the biggest rival is my self i think:)
  3. I have never comped before, that is
    What i mean:)
  4. Muf


    Alright, so THC just confirmed that I have a couch to crash on, and I've booked my flights. Expect nothing less than an absolutely awesome live stream from us!
  5. THC


    Forgot to check this forum, but good we got it sorted out Muf!

    For other people needing sleeping arrangements, and haven't booked anything, I can recommend - say or write when you order that you are attending CTEC and there's a small discount. It's also in Albertslund, and not far from the venue.

    More info about that and much more will be on the website that should be launched soon (will remember to update this thread)

    Thanks for the interest, and hope to see a lot of you there!
  6. Hey peoples in here :)

    I just placed an order on a TAP board, and hopefully I'll be able to put on a TGM arcade side-competition at this event. If so many Tetris masters from around the world are gonna attend, it's too good a chance to miss out on!

    Nothing serious in terms of prices though, just fun and games.
    I'm thinking high scores (rank/time in Master mode, unlimited tries) over the course of most of a day, and a finals round with the top 2 players in a face-off on a single XL sized cab (just regular 2 player without "challenge"), doing best 2 of 3.

    I'm no grand master myself though, so if any experienced people in here have a better idea for a format, feel free to comment - basically it just needs to be able to be executed quickly without really intereferring with the main tournament.
  7. I completely missed this before until Meroigo pointed it out in IRC a few hours ago (as an aside think we should maybe review our current board structure - "Competition" makes sense as a place for this thread to be, but it doesn't really fit with all the other threads that are basically just for leaderboards).

    How likely/definite is that TAP board? For me at least (but I'd imagine a few others too), it switches the event from being purely 'Classic' Tetris, which I personally have no interest in, to something that I might actually want to attend. At the same time, I'm not going to consider planning time off work and flights around it until TAP is confirmed at the event.
  8. Muf


    Sumez just posted a photo of a TAP board on Facebook so I'm guessing that means it's confirmed for CTEC. :p
  9. THC


  10. Can one participate in all game categories during the event? Or will times collide between the different platforms? If I go I'd like to participate in all of the tournaments if possible.
  11. Like Muf said, I got my TAP the other day, so it's definitely going to be there. :)
    The main event is still NES Tetris though, but there'll be several small side competitions in various other variations of Tetris.

    There will be a bunch of other video game and arcade stuff going on too, but I don't know all the details. :)
  12. I just cleared this - it will be scheduled so it is possible to participate in all possible categories.
    Also, participation is included in the ticket (for those who try to qualify), so no one will need to sign up for anything in advance.
  13. bought my tickets today! i am gonna be playing in all the categories, even though i have never even played two of them. :)
    let me know if anyone knows a a cheap place i can stay, or a couch i can sleep on. i am low maintenance, and play well with others. amen.
  14. How many days are you staying? I'll ask around. Probably won't have any room at my own place though.
  15. Sign me up for the couch situation as well, please! Any hotel will do, as long as there are multiple people interested :)

    Might end up crashing Friday late at night and getting back to work two days after. Anything particular during Sunday?
  16. i am staying from thursday until monday. i then fly out to madrid. i am also up for sharing hotel costs if need be, so qlex message me if you want to talk details.
  17. Hahh, I missed this myself, so maybe some others here did too - the site is not a one-page design, there's actually a menu in the top with a bunch of links,, there's even a page with the currently expected program:

    Qlex and wasmachstdugern, have you solved your accomodation issues yet?
    I don't know yet if I'll get days off from work up until the event, but if there's nowhere else to go, I don't mind having one or two people sleeping on a matress in my living room, as long as they are nice social people :p I'll probably be kinda busy those days though.
  18. Thanks for the offer sumez! I am still not certain what is happening so I will contact you as soon as I know. I am flying in with two other people though so we may just cave and get a room. Where is your place located? Is it near enough to bus/train to the venue?
  19. also, for those of you in the know, is there a difference between european and american SNES tetris?
  20. European SNES Tetris should just be a slower American SNES Tetris. To my knowledge, there weren't any radical physics/timing changes this time around.

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