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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Marq, 28 Apr 2015.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I'm wondering what you all are using for video capture from the real hardware.

    I know PEXHDCAP exists, but I can't use a PCI slot without investing an another pc ( currently using a decent laptop)

    I don't care so much for quality, but converting to composite then using a usb dongle, seems a bit cumbersome.

    Let me know what you got going!
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  3. You could also use a cheap line doubler such as the Gonbes GBS8200 along with a different VGA capture card. Not sure which route is better as far as USB capture devices go.
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  4. Have you tested this method? I think most USB YPbPr capture devices are probably tuned for HD resolutions, and might not work with odd arcade resolutions. I tried doing exactly that thing with my Hauppauge PVR2 (which actually does support low resolutions for composite video), but as I expected it didn't work at all.

    Also, if that one is anything like the other USB dongle capture thingies such as EZcap and whatever other China knockoffs exist, the capture is probably terrible. I tried using one of those made for composite video once, and it was the most interlaced thing I've seen in my life.
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  5. Actually I haven't tried as I don't own any arcade PCB at the moment.
    It's just an idea I had when thinking about that for when I'll buy a PCB.

    As I live in Europe, here RGB signal is pretty common with SCART.
    I have an old Panasonic DVD recorder which has a SCART (Peritel) input and a HDMI output among others.
    I'll have to check if it supports RGB on this input but if yes it could be another idea.
    (HDMI acquisition cards such as yours are not that expensive these days).

    RGB and and VGA are compatible but I'm pretty sure none of the VGA capture cards support resolutions lower than 640x480.

    Just my 2 cents. I'm sure there are people here that know this stuff better than me here.

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