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Can I become TAP GM green or Master O

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  1. Yes, just insist a bit more that will finish to come.

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  2. No, it seems that you just can´t

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  3. Honnestly I don´t know...

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  4. Amnesia is a piece of cake

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  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I approximately started to practice the M ROLL around 2007. More intensively in 2009, with regular sessions, let´s say a 15 days session every 4 months.
    During these sessions, I play it 40min in average per day. So the total amount of hours could be around :

    3 years x 3 sessions x 15 days x 40min = 90 hours

    I also tried some little exercices, like trying to make short puzzles with pastic tetriminos and try to remember it in hidding the assembly. And during the last 2 years I´ve watched some m roll, again and again in trying to understand every placements.

    I can´t stand anymore people who reproach me my gap between my regular skill and m roll skill, suggesting me to practice the m roll if I want to get higher grades. Like if I was not already trying. And the pain is worse when I see more and more people who can improve so easily.
    I think the worst I have heard comes from TWF until now.

    Because TWF has been able to master invisible within 2 weeks (he told me that it is a quick matter of 2 weeks a while ago), he thinks that EDO and 777 just rejected the m roll. I really really dont think this. For me 777 and EDO tried very hard for a while, maybe more than me for 777. And unfortunately they did not find the key like me. They just prefer to save appearences so they hidden this failure pretending aiming for pure time attack only.

    EDIT : the vote is anonyme because I really want to know your opinion, I am already prepared to admit that I will never do it, so please say what you really think and don´t reply "yes" to only encourage me.
    Whatever the result, it is just a video game.
  2. No offense, but I think you're just jealous of people who can do things you can't ;)

    You are unquestionably one of the best french players in the world, but you will have to accept one day not to be THE best player in the world.

    Multiply this value by 3 and I am pretty sure the M Roll won't be a problem anymore for you.

    I voted "Amnesia is a piece of cake" because you wasted 5 minutes here to complain here instead of training :p

    (But obviously I am jealous of your skills :'()
  3. Listen to this Vince. I have tried my best to persuade you into believing this; hopefully when you hear it from other people, you will realize that if you keep at it, you will see success. Whether you are jealous or not, I truly do not care. I know you have practiced, studied, and trained yourself for many hours when it comes to this art of invisible tetris, and that is admirable enough.

    I would never accuse you for not practicing the M-roll... however, I talk to you almost daily, and I know and understand how much you practice the M-roll.

    When it comes down to a specific point: this is like studying. You have your hand-full of people whom have never opened a book in their entire life, yet still passed their school/education with high grades. You also have people who literally study their asses off to get a passing grade. I don't see why not tetris would be the same. Even in a tetris community concentrated on TGM, not one person plays in the same way as another person..., which leads me to my next topic:

    You have continually asked me for advice on how to conquer the M-roll, and even though I gave you as much information as I possibly could, the main fact remains that you need to find something that works for you! On a personal (WORLD) scale of TGM3, from the very beginning, it took me 4 months to perform one tetris in the invisible roll, with an ending grade of MasterV. It took me an additional 4 months to improve that grade into a MasterO. MasterM was the hardest barrier to break, as it took me 7+ months to pass my MasterM exam. By this time, I finally had the M-roll down, and Grand Master was only a month away.

    The main idea I'm trying to get to is:
    1. Anybody who passes the M-roll didn't just "get good". There is years of practice and frustration behind his/her play style. It just takes more or less time per player.
    2. A tetris in the M-roll is a big deal. The skill required to create the difference of one tetris is exponentially harder.

    When I talk to you every day, you put yourself down because you are not seeing results with your M-roll training. This does not make you a bad player. The thing that puzzles me today is why do you not see the progress you have made?

    This right here is a big deal, however I think you underestimate it's importance.

    So, I'll end this with a short summary: even though you fail to see any progress, I have noticed a significant improvement in your M-roll abilities by what you tell me every day, along with the occasional video you upload. Keep at it Vince, you will get it, I promise. :)
  4. That video is really good. It starts to get shaky due to stack unfamiliarity, but I think a bit more practice would go a long way.

    Once you can no longer count the number of hours you have played invisible, you'll be there.
  5. Don't become frustrated because you see other people (seemingly?) mastering mroll more quickly or easily than you. It's only natural.
  6. K


    No, it seems that you just can´t.

    You are a paranoïac scumbag

    All your advices request are pure waste of time in explanations and there is a remarquable expression in french to resume: "pisser dans un violon".

    You want attention BUT you need a drug rehabilitation (and not about tetris).
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    C´est quoi le code pour barrer du texte comme tu as fait ?
  8. Quote son mail et la lumière tu verras.
  9. If you spent less time looking at numbers and trying to figure out excuses for why you suck or cheats for how to suck less, and just played the fucking game instead, maybe you'd be up there right now.

    You need to either be prepared to work for it, prepared to wait for it, or be prepared to give up.
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  11. K


    2 Failed attempt in training mode.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Tu me diras un truc sympa un jour ? :wub:
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Thank you for your support, every kind advices and words from you has been very usefull and allowed me to not give up.
    Ofcourse it is only a first completion in a serie of thousand tries in training mode, but everything has to start somewhere.
  14. Key


    Congratulations on what you have been practicing for years! It is indeed a very big step forward :)
  15. K


    Comme tu dis, c'est de la merde. (as you said, it's pure crap)

    De rien. (you're welcome)

    I'm a patient guy.
    Last edited: 10 Oct 2011
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Bon décidément tu ne veux pas m´encourager. Je devrais le savoir apres toutes ces années, mais je ne suis jamais sure si c´est de l´humour cynique ou pas avec toi.
    En francais donc je dois te répondre, j´étais sure que tu déprécierai ma performance pour la simple raison que je le fais en lockant et que cest du cracha diforme et scabreux du début a la fin quasiment. Sache que, je nai pas fait expres de locker comme un débile pour etre sure d´impressionner tout le monde a ma premiere réussite. Je jure sur la tete de tout le monde ici que ce n´est pas le cas. Il se trouve que jai voulu essayer un peu comme ca et cest sorti au bout de 5-6 essais.
    Mais a la base je m´exerce a le faire doucement et méthodiquement, en commancant par un tetris qui sort 1 fois sur 2 si je fais attention.
  17. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    The M-roll is one of the most difficult tasks possible in tetris, since it forces you to develop a skill that applies nowhere else in the game. It is a very rare person that can get a handle on it quickly at any age, and an even rarer person that doesn't suffer greatly trying. I can guarantee you it wasn't as easy for anyone as they made it look.

    You did it once, you can do it again.
  18. Actually, I feel the skill in Ti's roll is well-related to the consideration of preview placements. Amnesia's speed allows him to keep the majority of the work in active memory, constantly thinking of how to place the next 3 pieces in relation to the last. You can get by with very little "long-term" surface visualization.
  19. K


    I agree and this is not a viable for consistency.

    Il n'y a pas d'humour cynique, ni a lire entre les lignes : ce que tu fais c'est de la merde. Il n'y a pas plus lieu a t'encourager pour ça. Mais ça n'engage que moi et reste mon avis personnel.
    what you do is pure crap, and there is no need to encourage you for that anymore, but that's my personnal opinion.
  20. Tu te bases sur quoi pour dire ça ?

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