Bug or not?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Semi Elyakim, 20 Feb 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    I attached a picture from one of my game I did yesterday.
    What you think? bug or not?
    Bug or not.jpg
  2. How would you know without full repro?
  3. Because I don't know how I did it.

    The question is if its a possible situation in Tetris.
  4. My answer already implies its possible. If it wasn't you obviously do not need a full repro.
  5. Had a little "fun" theorizing how this could happen by looking at the colors in the stack, it was very easy to reproduce:

    (click the next button to see each placement)
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  6. Muf


    Honestly, since it's a game that was checked by TTC's notorious quality control, I'm not surprised at such a bug. Remember in-flight Tetris?
  7. Since you're playing on the modern official games, I'm just gonna say this: if you think a floating piece is a bug, wait until they start rising.
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  8. Well, it's a valid stack configuration, at least. It's impossible to have a piece floating above a row with zero minos in it, but if there is at least something below then it's possible to create this type of suspension easily.

    That said, this kind of thing could also be a bug if you don't know how it happened (as in, dropped the piece straight down and it happened to not reach the bottom for some reason) but it's hard to say what exactly happened without video. There are definitely some interesting problems out there.

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  9. I'd say the colors in the stack give it away though :) It's very obvious there was a horizontal I piece there at one point, like in your exmaple
  10. Yes, maybe. But how do you know, if the vertical I piece was placed before or after the horizontal one was deleted? 1st one is correct, 2nd one is a bug.
  11. Occam's razor :p

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