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Thread in 'Competition' started by Zaphod77, 5 Feb 2011.

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    Because I think this underrrated game needs more love. :)

    Try to max it out.

    Bravos okay, poweron pattern okay. There are many ways to get bravos, but your usual sega tetris analysis will be much harder because of the random items.

    Bravos tips.

    1) normal analysis can work, but you need to place all your pieces before a row of garbage gets added on, or incorporate them in your bravo plan. you must also plan on the fly for items, which can wreck your plan, which makes planning past the initial stages very difficult. If you can make sure all item clears leave a bravo, you can do this.

    2) Bravo setup by satellite. Knock out all bricks except the 3 or for rows needed to match up with your L, J, I or O.

    3) direct bravo by flicky. Set up a 5 row clear one column at a time. you will score a single, followed by a tetris bravo if you shoot fast enough and drop exactly 5 bricks (another reason to use Japan as you can mash the buttons faster). Easy early on, tough late in the game.

    4) setup by flicky. Similar to setup by sattelite, but you create the shape needed directly. Easier than direct bravo, if the next piece cooperates.

    5) direct bravo by satellite. Just shoot everything. This usually scores less than a real tetris bravo, but the score value for it continues to increase after level 15. Eventually it will surpass all other scoring options. Hard to do late game unless you keep your stack low.

    This is playable in mame and in tetris collection.

    I highly recommend play on the Japanese romset in mame, as it maps multiple rotation buttons, as opposed to the single button used by the C-system version.

    Note: In Sega Tetris Collection, the number of lines per level is fixed at three, while in Mame it is 4 by default. The us version is locked at 4 lines per level, and has considerably lower gravity for the early levels. I believe for non TASers, that the slower speed curve is offset by the lack of rotation buttons. World version is identical to PS2 C board version, and has same speed as system 18 version, and only one button.

    Post level, lines, and score. Also post how many lines are required per level.

    If you want to be on the same leaderboard as the ps2 players, set the dip switches as described in my dipswitch post for three lines per level. otherwise leave it on mame defaults for 4 lines per level.

    There will be three boards initially. If anyone maxes the score counter, they will also be introduced on a counter stop board. The counter stop boards will break ties by lower number of lines, and then by lowest level. The non counter stop boards will break ties by higher level, and that by higher number of lines. If that's tied, the newer submission wins.

    I'm playing on mame, 4 lines per level.

    I'll start the board with this somewhat less mediocre attempt that breaks the record according to MAME, as well as the top MARP score.

    4 lines/level.
    Zaphod77:677915: level 45, 227 lines. mame, system 18
    3 lines/level.
    sqr:505744: level 44,178 lines, ps2 system 18
    Kitaru:407689: level 54, 203 lines, ps2 system 18.
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    Re: Bloxeed.

    PS: if you do max out the score, a video would be nice. Not that I don't trust you people, but i've never seen a superplay for this game. :)

    PPS: You may get a surprise at level 50. If so, let me know what your dip switch settings are, if you are playing on mame, as that needs proper documentation.
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    Edited my record again. :)
  4. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    yes i reached level 50. :)
  5. Gave a try yesterday, it's a great game but the rotation system is tough :p
    Managed to get 120 k something, will certainly try to get more but... level 50 ? I'm impressed ^^

    Do you have any videos of good gameplay to understand all the game mechanics ?

    sqr did a 500k video

    Makes your record even more amazing
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  7. He looks alright.

    jk that was awesome
  8. Zaphod77

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    Now that is how you play the game. well done maxout. Clearly this person knows something i do not about manipulating the powerups. SO many well times flickys satellites.

    And this was on the c board version, with ONE rotation button.

    Color me impressed.
  9. vlcsnap-2018-03-27-02h29m10s073.png
    Playing System 18 port on the PS2 Sega Ages / TNC collection. It went to 2G on Normal difficulty. D: I think I'll really need to learn proper Flicky/Satellite strategies and "rank control" if I want to have any shot at maxing this out.
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  10. Zaphod77

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    high speed dip switch is separate from difficulty level. :)

    this is pretty good for 3 lines/level and no luck manipulation.

    watch that maxout video to learn how to play.
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  11. Yeah, I've been looking at it a bit, but I think without trying to learn the Power On sequence, match it up to the specific garbage advancements, and maybe understand exactly how any Power Block manipulation might work, I'm not going to get much further. It's also already pretty hard to use Flicky and Satellite perfectly even if you have a general sense of what you're aiming for, so I'm going to need to practice using those more. At least I have three separate buttons to piano out inputs!
  12. Zaphod77

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    pressing abcba can quickly fire off 5 bricks from flicky. that is quite useful.
  13. Yeah, I do a pattern kind of like that, but in general I need to get faster / more accurate, and also figure out how to clean up stacks a bit better or enter into Flicky/Satellite with the best possible situations.
  14. Zaphod77

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    This game is very hard to maxout without either powerup manipulation, or using auto fire to mow down entire columns in less than a second.

    That said, see my discussion thread. i've been working out how powerup manipulation works. but it's only something you can use if you are also clearing your nvram before each attempt. continuing won't give you the same powerups.

    But to start off with clear nvram on japan version, place the third piece just after the garbage meter fills the first time, and the 6th piece a lil after it fills the second time to give you the item block in the I piece. you should be able to score two bravos with this flicky piece if you are quick (equivalent to 20 tetrises+2 lines). then delay your stacking so that your next powerup is in the two Ts in a row later, and it will most likely be a second flicky. (if it's not in the first piece, clearing the tetris with the preceding i will drop the stack back into zone 1 if you haven't stacked too high, which gets you it in the second t.) It's harder to get both bravos with this one, but it's possible if you are fast and accurate.
  15. Zaphod77

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    677915 227 lines level 45. mame 4 lines/level system 18

    got a decent number of sattelites and flickys. over 2/3rds of the way to the maxout.
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