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  1. Hi there,

    I'm currently playing TAP in mame 0.178 and also play Texmaster. TAP plays fine in mame but when switching to Texmaster it feels just slighty more responsive then TAP in mame.

    So that made me think how you guys play TAP. Is there a special version of mame which eliminate some extra lag or is regular mame as good as it gets?

    Kind regards
  2. Thanks!
    Since it's based of mame 0.137, which is pretty old, is it still relevant today?

    I guess i try to see if I can 'feel' any difference.
  3. On the actual PCB.
  4. I've used the shmupmametgm for some time now and like it, but compared to my mame 0.178 setup the image is quite fuzzy.

    I've configured mame 0.178 to use GLSL shaders to add scanlines which helps the image alot imo. But cant seem to get it to work on shmupmametgm.

    Do you guys know a way to add scanlines or make the image sharper?
  5. disable filtering in the mame.ini file
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  6. Muf


    That solves nothing.
  7. I makes the image a lot sharper.
  8. Muf


    And adds horrible aliasing if your screen resolution isn't an exact integer multiple of 240p.

    To be honest I slightly misread the question as I only caught the part about GLSL scanlines, not the "or make the image sharper". Personally what I use is prescale=5, which just blows up the image to lolhueg proportions and then uses bilinear filtering to scale it down to whatever your screen resolution is, keeping the image sharp without causing aliasing.
  9. Oh yeah, of course I mean playing on a PC CRT. I kind of assume anyone using MAME is already doing that because if you aren't, MAME is extremely fucking bad.
  10. Is there a mirror for the macOS version? Neither of the links for the two versions work.
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    In that case, disabling filtering will work, provided that you preserve aspect; 1280 is 4 times 320, so you don't need to use prescaling.
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  13. Thanks a lot, the image is alot sharper right now! I'm used to scanlines in this game, so if there is a possibilty I would also like them in shmupmametgm. I've tried GLSL and HLSL but it just doesn't work the way it does in regular mame..

    Is GLSL and HLSL not supported by shmupmametgm? Are there other ways to add scanlines?
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