Tournament: BB 1v1 Tournament ****NOW****

Thread in 'Competition' started by Corrosive, 15 Mar 2009.


    19 people so far.

    Some people I signed up myself, and I still want a bout 3 or 4 more to join.

    The rules are first to 10, bo19. You schedule your own match with your opponent via their contact information that they provide here.

    Anyone who still wants to sign-up then sign-up here NOW

    IRC handle:


    P.S. A Reminder- Chat with us on IRC at - #tetrisconcept
  2. Okay nobody is signing up. Either you're all scared or all something else that I can't say because I will get banned from this forum. Have a nice day then.
  3. You only waited four hours, man. Have a little patience. Some forum members may not have even been awake from your first post to this one, due to timezones and all that.

    In any case, I'm considering joining this, but at the moment I'm not sure I can dedicate the time required to it. As my signature says, I'm not so active in Tetris anymore.
  4. Reveillark

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    DIGITAL Unregistered

    My bad for not signing up till now. I've been sleeping since around 5 pm PST yesterday. (It's now 4:30 am [​IMG] )

    Username: Digital
    AIM: DigitalDevil248 (Rarely used)
    MSN: Don't have one
    IRC handle: Digital
  6. Amnesia

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    I wish you good luck for your initiative of making a contest...
  7. My home PC won't turn on. Oh noes...
  8. it's not fair to other players to have me skip straight to the end without playing any matches. i'll enter if i have to play the same amount of rounds as everyone else.

    oh and thanks for putting up your money for a prize, nice!
  9. Shizi

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    nah its fair
    afterall i deserve it... call me when its finals thanks
  10. Amnesia

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    It is definitely very pretencious from a person who has only 40 posts in this community to call a thread such this one which begins by "First".
    I am also upset that nobody here, like DIGITAL and caffeine has not told you that..( I also hope that I am wrong in thinking that DIGITAL is a bit hypocrisis ?)

    I can not blame you, I found it at the 3rd page..


    PLEASE, get a look on that, and try to understand what was my mistakes, and try to improve it and make a success your contest.
    The little prize (T-shirt) is a very good idea, I agree.

    I apologize but I definetly can not join your contest, question of principe..And I won't attend anymore to any other else in the future.
  11. If someone announced that they were holding a tournament like I am I would be excited about it. I dont see what such the big deal is. Why am I the only one who enjoys competition anymore. I was really stoked when Rosti created his league thing. This is supposed to be fun and I was willing to make a big sacrifice out of my time to do this like Rosti is doing. I will have to talk to everyone I want to join individually and get them interested in this. And I guess I'll have to postpone it too. I had some really clever ideas about how it would pan out and everything. If everyone is gonna be asses and not participate (which I should have expected) then it will be harder for me but I'm not gonna throw this away.
  12. I think lack of participation is down to the scepticism that this thing will ever get finished. Because from past experience they just don't. Either a small number of people take part and there's an overall winner, or quite a lot of people take part and it never gets completed.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I was in a very bad humor when I wrote my message this morning..But since I have played for one hour Resident Evil 5 during my lunch, in a shop, I feel good now..

    Actually my contest has been stopped bacause of a lack of motivation from maybe 20% of the players, and that cut the motivation to the rest of attendies..
    I just want you to make things carefully if you don't want to sacrify plenty of time for people who don't respect and don't care about your initiative..
    For Rosti, I find his idea great, because his system is almost independant to the presence of every body..but I am definitely sure that a system with brakets can not work until we decide to gather a price of 2000 $ for the winner.
  14. Well until the past two weeks or so Ive been playing call of duty world at war nonstop and was hooked on that so long and have been a 10th prestige for atleast 2 months but now I am back to being on the tetris scene again for now & ONLY because of Blockbox.

    Rosti: We had the same problems on tnet2 but this is no reason to just not have one anymore. Why would any of you not join because youre sceptical of it not being completed??? who even thinks like that? if it stalls at any point I said i would kick out the slackers.

    I already addressed this issue when I told everyone who is joing to take a little oath that they won't cause the tournament to drag along.

    And This other guy is talking about no initiative to play when we arent playing for money or anything. Ok? fine. I'll just keep living in my own little fantasy world where tetris is actually competitive and people take pride in defeating other people just for their reputation sake, like the good ole days before my time on tetrinet where there were a good number of really talented clans that would rival each other and talk sh*t and constantly compete in ladders and brackets and leagues and so on. Thats the kind of world I want to live in on here. But i guess i just will never have that. It looks like this generation now is a bunch of unmotivated no-attitude boring wusses. I cant change any of that. I will just do my own thing and play single player and pray that somebody talks sh*t to me and wants to openly say that they think theyre better than me. I'm sick of this boring ass same old friendly tetris neighborhood sh*t. Not my thing.

    i despise the lack of passion you all have for this game. hell with all of you.
  15. Muf


  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    hey ! calm down !! [​IMG]

    I am on your side, at least I was until I realize that people did not want to follow me in my initiative of contest !
    I had 2 choices :

    1 : Let you go in thinking : "haha..He will see.."
    2 : Tell you what you had to know before starting such a project..

    The real enemy here are the one who pretend to be strong, who show you some motivation in saying : "yeah !! add me !!", and then they abandon you with your contest and the whole work you did for it..I can easily mention the names of every players you don't have to trust but I am lazy to write the names of the whole community, except maybe..4 or 5 players who followed me until the end..(nice Kevin [​IMG] , but I am frustrated anyway, I wanted to see c_t kicking your ass !!)

    I got a really hard time to set perfect rules, with lot of polls, discussions to find compromises, sacrifices, requests by PM to make it serious and updated, discussions with deniax to adapt blocbox to the rules, a system very smart to create the brakets with no cheating (by caffeine), only in order to create a contest where every players of every styles could be happy and fight together, and result ?? Every body left after few weeks..So actually, I am the person you should trust first here..And certainely not DIGITAL and Rosti who are few of those who will abandon your contest because they can not find one of their opponents. and a last thing, I am a very competitive player and I understand what you feel..
  17. If you want you can think I'm trying to break this idea, or discourage people from joining, but I'm not. I'm explaining why people aren't joining.

    1) These things have a history of failing. I think this is maybe the sixth or seventh event at a proper tournament now? The only one I can actually remember finishing was the Tetris DS one I set up a while ago, and that required pretty heavy coaxing to get people to play their matches and to kick a couple of people out for not being around. They can work, but you need to properly announce the rules before people sign up as to how long people have to play matches before they get disqualified, and how you're going to decide who the match gets given to if it's not played. People saying they're not going to hold the tournament up and they'll get the matches played is all well and good, but it's ultimately a pretty meaningless thing. Promises are easy to break.

    2) The fact is that the vast majority of the people around here have lives. Unless the players are all frequently in IRC, it's generally not a priority for people to hunt people down and play them. If they're around to be played then the matches will go ahead, but generally I think most people are doing other things and often forget that they've even got matches to be played.

    3) This isn't a community based around multiplayer games. Though quite a few of us play Blokkendoos, most of the people you're going to entice are primarily TGM players. The competitiveness you want just isn't there because very few people here would actually say this is their strongest area of Tetris. Most of us are playing TGM first, and just have these sorts of things on the side as a bit of fun. Out of the 22 people in the Blokkendoos league, around 12-15 of them are heavy TGM players. The rest I know for LJ 40 lines or are new to the community.

    4) Blink. To be honest, I don't think you're doing a favour to the tournament by giving him a bye straight to the final. For starters, he's a player who will actually get his matches played. If you want someone to be in as many rounds as possible, it's him. Secondly, he's someone I think people would actually want to play. If you look at the main bulk of the people who would potentially join this, then you're looking at people who are slow in contrast to the top players. While some of the matches between themselves are close, I don't think that any of them would hold any hope of getting to the final when there's a handful of players around who can reach 160+ tpm pretty easily. At the very least you could let a few of the slower players get thrashed by Blink along the way, rather than getting knocked out by a superior player who isn't that special.
    I also, personally, would rather Blink won easily than you cheapen the thing by singling him out and placing handicaps on him so he can't win. Maybe he'd be OK with it being different, but I'd rather he won fairly than lost because he was at a massive disadvantage.

    5) People here aren't that evenly matched. There are a handful of excellent players and then the main bulk are a reasonable way behind. This is something I guess you already know, as you've brought it up yourself. Half the reason I chose a league system is that it still gives the main bulk something to play for. In a tournament you have a first place, second place and maybe a third place play-off. For the majority of players they'll just have gone out in the first or second round, and there's no real merit surrounding that. Unless there's some sort of proper placing in the tournament and something to actually be competitive about, why join? Where's the competitive aspect in getting hammered by the likes of Digital or whatever? There'll be some matches between closely ranked players, but mostly the games will have a reasonable gulf in skill. There's nothing to really be competitive about because aside from the top places there's nothing distinguishing between players. And it's not like they need to take part in this tournament to play against people. Everyone is freely available in IRC.

    6) In your time here, you've managed to personally annoy and piss off a fair number of people. There's a fair number of people here who aren't going to give you much sympathy if this thing falls flat. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a few people who were put off merely because you're hosting this.


    Username: Rosti LFC
    E-mail: cr400(at)
    MSN: rosti(at)
    IRC handle: Rosti_LFC

    "I swear I will play all of my matches promptly and to the best of my ability."
  18. Amnesia

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    I am one of the most motivated here, and I want kick their ass, so :

    Username: Amnesia
    E-mail: vincent.laurents6(at)
    MSN: amnesia_m(at)
    IRC handle: Amnesia or Vincent laurent or something else..

    But I have no internet until the begining of April !

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I don't really want to get into a huge argument cause I don't have the time today. Sooo...

    "I swear I will play all of my matches promptly and to the best of my ability."

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