Back-To-Back on NEStris (I've lost my marbles...)

Thread in 'Strategy' started by BDCowe, 15 Mar 2015.

  1. Oooooooooook. So, the dude commentating on the Euro NEStris championship today (well played to all!!!) was all like "No back-to-back tetris bonus yada yada yada." Um, I'm paraphrasing, of course. Anyway, in chat, I'm all like, "Wat?!? That's weird, yo. NTSC has B2B." Basically "everyone" is like, ""

    Looks like everyone is right. Why in the hell did I think this? I swear I had seen an old post from Alex talking about B2B in NEStris, but I can't find it. Probably another fever dream or some shit...
  2. Yep, that's a fever dream alright. :p There is no b2b.
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  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah. :oops:

    The way my child-like brain works is that B2B means "literal consecutive pieces result in tetrises" vs. "two separate line clears result in terises." Dig? No matter whether or not I've been dense enough to "math" it out on my hours of video footage, this is how it should fucking work...

    ...also: I'm dumb. Thanks, Alex.
  4. No combo bonus either. Everything is always calculated flat.

    However, perhaps it's worth noting that line clears that cross a level boundary count toward the new level. So, oftentimes it may be that two consecutive tetrises -- seeing as that amounts to 8 lines -- will push the second line clear across the level boundary and hence have a higher value. But, as previously stated, there isn't anything special going on in the scoring calculation that specifically awards combos or consecutive tetrises.
  5. It's funny, you know, that I've thought this for so long. In fact, it's probably part of the reason I hadn't cracked 600k in SNEStris...until 15 minutes ago. (Video incoming...)
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  6. I was actually mostly guessing at that point I think ;) - "the dude commentating"
  7. I'm guessing combos and back-to-back are all a relatively new thing. I never heard about them until a few years ago :p
  8. Ha! Well, you actually did me quite the favor. If I make it out to the championship next year, I owe you a drink. :D Nice work commentating the action, by the way!

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