ARS finesse guides ?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by deeden, 18 Mar 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I want to improve my finesse in TAP and am currently looking for all the ARS finesse guides and info I can find. Besides that I am looking at high level play to improve.

    The guides for finesse I have found so far: shows the basics of ARS and the rotation states various chapters talk about movement and finesse shows finesse for each piece shows wall finesse with pictures


    Both above wiki articles are described as SRS finesse, not ARS. My understanding is that ARS is derived from SRS with a couple of minor differences. Am I right with the assumption that I can use the above SRS guides for studying my TGM rotations because the differences are so minor? I noticed that spawn positions for the pieces differ.

    The only dedicated ARS finesse guides I could find are for I and O

    Do you guys have other useful links or ways of learning ARS finesse even better ?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks !
  2. Hey JBroms, thanks for that link! Will study. Any one else got some more resources to share? ;)

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