ARS 20G - L and J movement finesse (and anti-finesse!)

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  1. Not critically important to me at this point, but if possible I'd like to optimize what I'm doing so I don't have to deal with bad habits when I'm at higher speeds.

    At present I'm doing the whole "always IRS Ls counterclockwise and IRS Js clockwise" thing. It does in general help mobility (as opposed to just not doing IRS), and isn't causing -too- many problems, but you do run into some. One is this one:
    In This situation, IRS doesn't work
    (i.e. there are certain cases where you CAN'T IRS if you want to move Js to the right or Ls to the left)

    Another minor issue is this:
    Here's the simple way.
    Here's using no IRS. (i think the only reason you'd do this is if you wanted to stall a little bit before the rotation)
    and here's using the "always IRS Js clockwise" way.
    The danger with the third method is that you might end up doing this (which in this case isn't terrible but you get the idea).
    I've learned to do the triple (B) rotation fast enough that that doesn't happen, but I'm worried that at higher speeds that won't be viable anymore and I should just stick to method #1.

    However there are also times when you might NOT want to place Ls and Js straightforwardly. c_t pointed this one out in his death GM commentary as a method of using "anti-finesse" to reset lock delay and result in a slower more stable playstyle.

    I guess maybe I'm just going to have to really analyze every situation and determine what's the best way to go about things, but I was just curious as to what everyone else does. While I'm playing I can't really think about it fast enough to make all these analyses--maybe I need to do hebo or lockjaw with really long or infinite lock delay times...

    Here's some other situations to consider (I'm sure there's more that I'm just not thinking of right now).

    -No IRS
    -IRS (with a wallkick) lets you reset lock delay

    -straightforward IRS
    -no IRS (resets lock delay once)
    -"always IRS Js clockwise" way

    thoughts? (Realize that my main goal is "stable" play and not pure speed)

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    As this is 20G, there will of course be more finesse to consider as opposed to 0G placement. However, not all 20G finesse is elegant. For this reason, there are techniques that you just avoid like the plague. If you're playing fast 20G, you do not want to place the J into that column. Rather, consider putting it on the far right. If possible, then you might even want to place an obstacle to stop the J if you're hellbent on that placement. If you're playing slow (relative to the player) 20G, then perhaps you might want to double tap to get the J in there. In general, you want to stack smarter to avoid these situations or even to solve it.

    I don't see the issue here. IRS CCW + DAS undoubtably looks like the best option here. The techniques in the other diagrams look way too unintuitive, flimsy, and risky. My general rule of thumb: less button presses = lower chance of screwing up a technique. It's not like the simplest technique is more difficult to pull off...quite the opposite.

    This is an isolated case. You should consider using anti-finesse if and only if you are placing a piece without moving or rotating actively (not IRS). The purpose of using anti-finesse is to make it easier to keep rhythm. It's not even required if you can time yourself well. If you are using anti-finesse out of this context, then you are actually disturbing your rhythm. When you move or rotate your piece actively, you are already giving yourself time to recalibrate your rhythm. Tacking on anti-finesse is just adding on unneccesary beats and can throw you off.

    The first diagrams for both 1 and 2 are ideal. The rest are unnecessary for the reasons I stated above.
  3. excellent. I knew after watching a few videos and realizing how fast 20g can get later on that what I was doing really couldn't be a good "hard fast rule" (i mean the "default" IRS with L and J for every single situation regardless of whether or not it "makes sense"). I had just read it on the forums as an idea that someone was using at some point and adopted it. Luckily I don't think the habit is so ingrained as to make it too painful to break. (In hindsight what you're saying seems a little obvious bit it was still nice to get a second opinion...)

    Thanks for the help--it is much appreciated. (b^^)b
  4. Yeah, I think the "rotate J/L" rule was suggested by Rosti around the time of the carnival of death. It's absolutely not a strict rule, and actually you did pretty good figuring that out yourself. [​IMG]

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