ARE cancelling and contextual button for TGM

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by PetitPrince, 12 Apr 2013.

  1. I was thinking about the possible usage of a contextual button in a TGM-style game.

    For the record, I describe how it could work in Kasumi's "Important things about TGM" thread
    So I an idea during a Death game: how about using that hypothetical button to cancel the ARE ?
    Would that lead to a better game ? Would that breaks the game's rythm too much ? Is there already a game that implement this mechanic ?
    Anyone want to implement that in Nullpo or another clone ?
  2. Muf


    Doesn't DTET have ARE cancelling? I believe you can try it out in Heboris/Nullpo using DRS.
  3. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I'm not sure how accurate the DRS in hebo/nullpo is; as far as I'm aware, it was implemented before my rewrite of the wiki article. Eiirst has pretty accurate DRS, but I'm not sure if Deeem2031 has done much work on his clone for a while; you'll have to ask him on IRC. Also, Super Tetris 3 has ARE cancelling as well, though personally I think it's really badly implemented.

    EDIT: Just noticed that ARE cancelling is not mentioned at all in the DRS article, and only briefly mentioned in the DTET article. It appears as if no one has documented it in any sort of detail yet, and I'm still unsure of the accuracy of the implementation in hebo/nullpo.
  4. Nullpo's default DTET.rul file has "ARE cancel on move input" checkmarked, but not "ARE cancel on rotation input" or "ARE cancel on hold input." I haven't looked at how that handles compared to the original DTET, however.

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