Any TGM-Like Game For Wii?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 29 Nov 2009.

  1. It can be anyone from commercial games to homebrew fangames (emulators too^^)
    Tetris Party isn't enough for me:p

    Maybe DOSBox for Wii can emulate some?
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  2. Hmmm, nothing yet that I know of.

    Wii has GBA emulation though, right? You could load up my crappy old TGM2+ clone on there, I suppose. I can link it later if you'd like, but I don't think I have it on this computer right now.
  3. You can play Tepples' LJ65 with the NES emulator.

    It doesn't clone any TGM timings, but it has ARS (called bottom rotation) and you can play 20G. There's no hold unlike TGM3, but it has the IRS, entry delay, and TGM3's kicks.

    Edit: Actually you can play Tepples' GBA lockjaw as well, but you have to set all the options to play like a TGM game yourself each time you play.

    I prefer LJ65 over this for general play on Wii, but that's just me, and this is still definitely worth having on there as a training tool for various things anyway.
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  4. Ahh, yeah, I forgot to mention LJ65. I don't really like using LockJaw for TGM stuff for some reason, but LJ65 is pretty neat... albeit decidedly "not TGM" if you wanted to use it for practicing specific game modes rather than just play something that has shared rules for general practice.
  5. thanks guys, i also looked over Wiibrew wiki and noticed a MAME emulator (but no support for any tgm game) and there's a SDL for wii (maybe heboris can be ported?)

    Here and here you can find almost all emulators for wii
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  7. I don't really think anyone is willing to port heboris to anything, seeing as it's so messy and hacky and disgusting that code dives for simple numerical constants are grand adventures:

  8. well...maybe texmaster, nullpomino, l2stack, etc... any TGM-like game.
  9. i'l be pleased if you do:D
  10. I managed to dig the game up from deep within my HDDs messy folder structure, here's a mirror (link) hoping that Kitaru won't mind.
    If there's any objections from Kitaru, I could just remove it again after you grab it. :)
  11. Haha, thanks Burbruee. You saved me a lot of trouble having to try to get my desktop to boot without a proper monitor. I can put that off for a little bit longer now. :p
  12. You don't wanna play sub-20G TAP or TGM3 on a Wii anyway, unless you can find or make a clone that accepts keyboard input or a 4-wayable stick.
  13. Yeah, I don't understand the motivation behind a TGM clone for the Wii when there are plenty for the PC. I'd rather play something on a computer than a Wii.
  14. I'm going to play the role of tepples here and say that gathering around a TV or arcade cabinet and putting some games and chatting is quite nice. I can imagine some situations where something like this could come in handy.

    I'm sure the homebrew NDS_TGM probably has a bit of a following that doesn't visit any particular Tetris community sites. I don't imagine there are really any great Tetris clones for the Wii right now, so maybe a polished clone could attract new membership from the homebrew scene.

    I'll admit I've been somewhat interested in writing Wii homebrew. It probably wouldn't happen for a while and I make no promises, but maybe I'll work on something at some point.
  15. There's a lot of NDS_TGM fans...who have never heard of NullPo, Texmaster, or other, just-as-complete clones. =/
  16. This is sort of what I'm getting at. Think along the lines of TexMaster's Tetris Concept affiliation, or maybe just a mention of the relevant sites when uploading the game somewhere or whatever.
  17. Wii does accept keyboard input. One day I might might try to make a TGM3 or TAP clone for Wii or SNES, but it probably won't be for a while.
  18. I'm not sure about the necessity of it, but a Wii TGM clone might be neat.

    I currently only use my Wii as a SNES emulator, however.
  19. Just hook a computer with a joystick or two up to the TV and you're pretty much there and then some.

    NDS_TGM has the advantage of being portable. I only ever play it when I'm out somewhere. A Wii on the other hand has similar portability compared to a computer, and even less compared to a laptop.
  20. Not everyone has controllers or joysticks for computer, but someone with a console will have the controllers for that. Similarly, not everyone has the cables to hook up a computer to a TV, but this is admittedly an easier/cheaper problem to solve.

    (In my case, my laptop's TV out isn't inclined to work since I "downgraded" to XP. I have a TV at home with VGA in, but I'm typically screwed if I need to do something with S-Video/Composite.)

    A Wii is far easier to bring somewhere than a desktop. I will admit that a laptop beats a Wii in portability, but it is comparable.

    I do think having a console port has a certain convenience factor, particularly for people that are just getting started with the series.

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