Alternate MIDI Drivers for Tetris Classic for Windows

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  1. Dunno if anyone here still plays Spectrum Holobyte's "Tetris Classic" ( ) for Windows.

    Since the game is so old, the sound/music usually won't work properly on a modern PC, as the game only supports MIDI port address 330 for the Roland MIDI drivers that ship with the game... if your MIDI hardware is configured for anything other than port address 300, you won't hear any sound or music.

    Anyhow, the following ZIP contains hex-edited Roland SoundCanvas MIDI driver files for use with TC for Windows, which have been edited to use non-standard MIDI port addresses (300/310/320):

    Readme ->
    ZIP ->
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  2. Interesting. I've actually got this, but have never been able to hear the music. Is this the only way to get sounds out of it? As in, there's no DOSBox-like program for early windows games?

    Thanks for sharing regardless.

  3. Dunno if my hexed driver files will allow you to hear the music (and sound), but give 'em a shot anyway... they might do the trick for ya -:)

    The reason I created this was that one of my PCs uses non-standard port addresses for my installed MIDI hardware. A standard port address of 330 is default for most MIDI hardware (as well as most software synths, such as Window's WDM MIDI drivers and DirectMusic... which is what a lot of PCs use for their MIDI music playback).

    Also, the game defaults to standard Sound Blaster FM music/sound (which is OPL or Adlib compatable, which many newer PCs do not support or emulate properly).

    On my PC in question, I have an AWE32 set for port address 320, hence the hex-edited Roland MIDI driver file -:) Hehe, now if I could accomplish the same task for the DOS version of the game... the MIDI driver files are encrypted <aarrgghh>.

    P.S. The music in TC is beautiful -:) (re: the OGG file in this LJ skin -> )
  4. OK, a slight update to general music/sound concerns for the Windows version of Tetris Classic.

    After clicking on the "Reset Defaults" button within the game's main menu (which will display the "Available Sound Drivers" dialog box), by default you will have several choices that *may* or may *not* work for music/sound (note that this should be done *BEFORE* unzipping to your TC directory on your hard drive, as all of the hex-edited driver files will ALSO be displayed as choices... albiet with exact the same name for the new choices, making it confusing to figure out which one to select):

    'No Sound or Music' - needless to say, this selection will work <G>.

    'Ad Lib(R) Music Synthesizer Card' - requires OPL FM synthesizer chip compatibility.

    'Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro(TM) FM Sound' - requires OPL3 FM synthesizer chip compatibility.

    'Creative Labs Sound Blaster(TM) FM Sound' - requires OPL FM synthesizer chip compatibility.

    'IBM PC or compatible internal speaker' - requires that little PC speaker connected to your motherboard.

    'Roland SoundCanvas' - requires either a *TRUE* hardware MIDI device with an actual logical hardware port address (330) assigned to it, or a software synthesizer that assigns a DOS MPU-401 port address (330) for DOS applications such as many onboard sound chipsets - the above can be checked within Windows' "Device Manager".

    Apparently (I was previously mistaken), the Microsoft Windows Wavetable GS Synthesizer (which uses Windows WDM drivers, and which many motherboards' onboard sound chipset use for MIDI music synthesis) will *NOT* work with any of the above, as this software synth doesn't assign a true MIDI port address to it.

    Hope this helps... lemme know if you're able to get any music/sound out of TC with any of the above.


    I've created a new set of the hex-edit driver files... if you've previously downloaded and installed the older version, snag the new version and unzip per the included readme (overwriting the existing files on your hard drive) -> .

    These new driver files will not cause the confusion of same-name entries/selections within the "Available Sound Drivers" dialog box, as they have been edited to diplay the port addresses as well within that dialog box:

    'Roland SCanvas 300'
    'Roland SCanvas 310'
    'Roland SCanvas 320'
    'Roland SCanvas 330' (same as the 'Roland SoundCanvas' selection)

    'Ro SCC-1 300'
    'Ro SCC-1 310'
    'Ro SCC-1 320'
    'Ro SCC-1 330' (same as the 'Roland SCC-1' selection)
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    Hi, I am looking for Windows version of Spectrum Holobyte's "Tetris Classic", I have DOS one.

    Can you help me? On the web, there is no windows version.

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    I'm also looking for the windows version [​IMG]

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