A way to reduce lag in TGM3 ?

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  1. Hello ! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, mainly ’cause after I went to shit like IIDX and other stuff I forgot about TGM. But I decided one day to fire up the game again just for the heck of it, and here I am again mouahaha

    Anyway, something interesting happened today. Before, I used to play with lots of lag, which I’m pretty sure is caused by monitor syncing.
    Even when I’ve changed my monitor (in april I got an iiyama Vision Master Pro 410, nice little gem for 20€ =p), it was still there.

    But today, I’ve felt the controls to be less… « heavy », let’s say that.

    While I know of placebo effect, I can tell you I didn’t boot up the game to expect less lag ; I just wanted to play some more, and I was surprised as I realized mid-game that somehow, my attempts at doing things like locking fast didn’t end up 80% of the time too early, or too late, or completely missed.

    It makes sense, as I’ve been changing things left and right on my monitor and graphics card this evening. In fact, here's a list of all the things I’ve changed, so you can try them and see if it works =p :

    - get a CRT monitor (obviously)
    This would be the best (only ? I dunno) way to adjust the monitor refresh rate to the best setting possible, the setting TGM3 uses.

    - disable upscaling by GPU
    I’ve done that on my AMD Catalyst Control Center by going into one of the VGA displays menus. Why let the GPU upscale when the monitor makes a way better job at this ? =p

    - disable EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) and set the max refresh rate above 60 Hz
    To make sure the monitor isn’t locked in any refresh rate settings, and can use any setting possible between min and max refresh rate. Put the refresh rate above 60 Hz, ’cause I don't know what TGM3 uses. (probably 59.94, but hell, look at TGM2's 61.67)

    If you noticed any difference, well… congrats, I guess ? =p

    EDIT: I wanted to try the sync test in IIDX HDD, but I forgot I had deleted everything since I was only playing PS2 versions anyway. Sorry guys, and sorry to ask you this, but if anyone has IIDX here, can you test this with the settings above ? It’s supposed to be constant, go look up DARQs video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0AKkUmuCOE&list=UUZIY-eufVhHpSXVPb1i_HLw) to have an idea of what is supposed to happen.
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  2. Muf


    Ti uses VESA 640x480 timing, which means 60000/1001Hz (this is a repeating fraction that rounds down to 59.94Hz).

    Other people already went before you on this subject:
    TGM3 Input/display LAG

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