20inch Sony PVM

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Marq, 15 Apr 2015.

  1. The 20L5 is one of the best PVM's, in my opinion. I have its little brother, the 14L5, and it's great. $200 CAD is quite a good deal -- eBay completed listings imply they go for ~$500. I'd jump on it. And yes, it has RGB inputs.
  2. You need this. The 20L5 is highly sought after as it's arguably one of the best PVMs. If it's in OK shape jump on it.
  3. What's better - a PVM or something like a FW900?
  4. It depends on your use case: for stuff that's 15KHz video (240p/480i), you'll need the PVM as the FW900 doesn't sync below 31K (480p). If you're only playing Dreamcast and newer stuff, you can probably get away with an FW900; they are gorgeous! :)

    Edit: @Marq, I'm sure you already noticed but the PVM 20L5 is so desirable because it can take HD inputs as well as low-res without scaling unlike the consumer CRT HDTVs that were made in the early 2000s. Being a true multisync monitor means that it's completely lagless with any kind of input that you throw at it. They also just look completely fabulous when in good condition. I would go so far as to say that they're more or less the pinnacle of CRT technology, with a few of the later BVM models maybe surpassing them (but definitely not surpassing the quality vs. price value of the 20L5).
  5. was taken. way before I could make the 10 hour round trip ( that I was overly willing to make) to get it
  6. the seller told me she had a lot of interest and suspected that she priced it too low, since local buyer where going to buy it I told her what it was really worth

    I wish I had been local to snatch it up in time... the search continues...
  7. Ah well :( it happens. Best of luck finding something!
  8. I might end up getting a lamo burnt out monitor from a burger time or etc. for price and availability reasons.

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