2020 Best Way to Play TGM, TAP, TGM3?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by taitovlx, 28 Jan 2020.

  1. Besides the PCBs/Taito Type X hardware, what is the current best way to play the TGM series?

    For someone who takes these games seriously, is shmupmame still the most accurate option in terms of gameplay and minimizing lag?

    For TGM3, is the PC loader with altinput the best option? I tried running it on a Windows 7 machine and it works, but it does seem laggy. I'm using joy2key because my arcade stick is not compatible with the settings in the altinput config file.

    Would building a TGM3 specific PC help? Like using older hardware (similar to Taito Type X hardware), running Windows XP, etc. Using a CRT monitor? Using a different arcade stick (one that's compatible with altinput). Anything else help?

    Any help is appreciated! I got a GM (12:37) in TGM1 a few months back, and now I would like to focus on improving my time and getting better.
  2. I updated altinput to support all combinations of arcade sticks I could find. Maybe it would help. Lag ist still dependend on your machine, display, USB encoder and polling rate.
  3. hi taitovlx,

    you might have already answered your own question. thank you for the nice summary of issues surrounding TGM. if you do not spend ~200,000 yen on hardware, then these are some of the problems.

    i would propose another way forward for your gaming journey. play shiromino; a libre PC game. its TGM inspired modes are the best of any. it's actively developed, and we'd be happy to have you attacking these classic arcade challenges o/
  4. Muf


    Joy2Key is the source of your input lag. Altinput itself causes less lag than is present on an official Type-X setup with JVS.
  5. PS: GG on the TGM1 GM :] you cannot go wrong from here. any way you engage these games will gratify; rest assured.
  6. Thanks for your work! Like in altinput there are options to enter the arcade stick directions, but when using a Virtua Stick High Grade under Windows 7, the arcade stick directions show up as POV switches, so I don't know what to put in for altinput.
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  7. Good to know, I'll make it a priority to not use Joy2Key.

  8. Got altinput working with my stick! Yes, the lag is reduced; Shirase is playable now.
  9. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    has anyone compared altinput with teknoparrot?

    yes it works. but it expects an unpatched exe.
  10. The new config supports POV. A POV device should be detected and set up correctly, only buttons A-D should need config in this case. Everything direction related should be put to -1. If you look trough the config, there are various sticks set up this way and you likely just need to copy and rename this part of the config.
  11. o/ taitovlx! please do check this out : https://www.tetrisconcept.net/threads/joystick-pcb-controllers.3896/

    a new pcb improved my VSHG
  12. zinc for tgm1, sound bug is annoying
  13. > Altinput itself causes less lag than is present on an official Type-X setup with JVS.

    I had to recompile alt-input to get it to work, and i still got an astounding 6f lag (not the 2f promised).

    I feel like i must have done something wrong?

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