2013 Resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by cyberguile, 2 Jan 2013.

  1. Happy new year to everyone !

    Opening the new year's resolutions thread this year :)


    TAP master mode green GM
    TAP master mode sub 7:55 clear
    Record sections on all the sections on my pcb (some agressive japanese players put their times on it)

    And... that's all for this year ^^
  2. Muf


    Sigh... Here we go again :p

    Goals for 2013:

    - Launch TC3
    - Finish my supergun
    - Finish my Type-FauX
    - Buy more Tetris games
    - Set up a semi-permanent means of playing/streaming TGM
    - Actually play a decent amount of TGM instead of SC2
    - Visit the West Coast branches of TGM headquarters

    Bonus points for (a man can dream):

    - Improve TGM1 Gm time
    - Improve TAP record
    - Improve Ti record
    - Playable GMO demo? :p
  3. Reserved. I knocked a few off of mine last year (most notably, NES max-out!), but I need to think about what I want to carry forward and what new goals I'd like to shoot for. A lot of the goals on my list were TGM3-related, but I wasn't able to go play all that often (and now SouthTown is closed, so that makes things a bit harder :().

    EDIT: I might as well still port some things over for now, especially since I snuffed one of the major remaining goals. :)
    New stuff:
    +Tetris with Card Captor Sakura improvement

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  4. Do some development.

    I'm like basically retired at this point, it's kind of sad.
  5. I reached almost all my 2012 goals, so no more things left, but...

    Goals for 2013:

    -Win a Masters (yes, I can do it even though / thanks to my shitty time).
    -TAP Death 500

    Basically, I want to spend to year improving my regularity at TGM, no matter the time. and enjoying Death mode. Let's say next year for Death M.
  6. Happy new year 2013 !

    My unique objective for this year is getting the M grade in T.A Death.
    I really need to impove my speed (i play with a keyboard).

    An optional objective is getting GM in TGM1 in less than 12 min.
  7. Alright, I didn't really feel like giving myself objectives up until now, but this time, I guess I should go for something.

    TGM :

    Sub 10:30 GM
    Big 500

    TAP :

    Green GM
    Death GM

    TGM3 :

    Master K, Promotional M9
    Shirase S10

    And stuff on clones. Since I might be part of an exchange to Japan, I hope I will at least be able to discuss with some of the Japaneese gods there, that's a good objective I think lol
  8. TGM1:
    Sub 11 GM (sub 10:30 after I get that)

    Master S9
    Death 500

    NES Tetris:
    Get past level 20
    Score ~450k
    Get my NES running again so I can stop using an emulator (all I need is a power supply lol).

    Also, get a working TGM1 or Sega Tetris/Bloxeed JAMMA at some point.
  9. 9:40 in TGM1 and 5:30 in TGM2
    not easy but you never know
  10. TAP:
    Master Mode: M
    T.A. DEATH: M

    Special: GM
    Sudden: GM

    Master Mode: MasterM, Promotional MK.
    Shirase: S13 again and again and again as Sudden Ti (if possible under 5:20)

    Special Ti: GM(?)
    Sudden Ti: S13 sub 5:10
  11. K


    Death M this year for you !
    or i'll manage japanese players to bully you even more :awe:
  12. Muf, what's a Type-FauX? A computer converted to run legit Type-X games, or just a cute name for running the hack on a computer that very closely matches the specs?
  13. I'm afraid both are NOT humanly possible :biggrin:
  14. Muf


    It's a computer with a form factor very similar to the Type-X (SFC Micro-ATX without any traditional drive bays, power button/etc on the back instead of the front), cherry-picked hardware that supports both Type-X1 and Type-X2 games, an actual JVS (arcade controls) port, and running Windows Embedded. I've also taken the liberty of making a few improvements like a more aesthetic black case (instead of electroplated blue), quieter fans, dual DVI outputs and a solid state drive.
  15. My resolution is simple: beat the TAP torikan :)
  16. Would you give me one as present? xD
    How much it costed?
  17. nahu, if you push harder on TAP, there's no question you'll get Master Mode Gm this year :)
  18. My 2013 resolutions (or wild dreams at least)

    NES Tetris:
    1) Level19 max
    2) earliest max
    3) First "perfect" transition score
    4) improve on the overall 'no next box' record
    5) B-mode 15-0 'no next box' with 7 tetris'
    6) Win at the Classic tetris world championships and in Milwakee

    * All of these are nearly impossible, some bordering on mere fevered dreams of a lunatic, but hell... shoot for the stars right?

    Classic Arcade:
    1) Get the record in a live event

    SNES tetris:
    1) Get the Score record
    2) Get the lines record

    Non-classic tetris:
    1) Get below 50 seconds for sprint on cultris II

    1) Get back in shape and do some races
    2) paint a room or 2
    3) Take some names
    4) kick some ass
    5) take tetris less seriously: as a subset of this, i know i wont reach most of these, especially the NES ones as they are so hard, but i have no intention of letting that give me ulcers... If i get one; HOORAY!!!!, if not... ok.
  19. TAP Death M. I'm at about 430 right now starting from either 0 or 300.

    Under 35 sec 40l. I'm at 36.6 right now.
  20. success! B)

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