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  1. Okay, so I thought it would be a good time (no better time than now!) to discuss/figure out some meetings that will happen this year. I'll do my best to attend everything I remotely possibly (I mean it!) can.

    First, we have the issue of SakuraCon. This convention is from April 6-8 in Seattle this year, and we have had a TGM presence there the last three years (in 2009 and 2010, Kitaru and the Norcal TGM players came up to meet up with the people from Seattle (TWF, Samael, Myndzi, me, LadyLily, Ezzelin) and play Ti on the original Acme Bowl cabinet, and in 2011 us Seattle people had a setup with the Ti arcade board and some sticks). If anyone wants to come up this year, I can probably get a setup with a candy cab and TGM1/TAP/TGM3 boards. If worst comes to worst, we can get a supergun set up with the same boards. It should be a fun event; in 2009 and 2010 we had TGM VS mode tournaments which proved to be pretty entertaining. There are also other arcade games available for play (Pop'n Music, DDR, ITG, some fighting games) and a great retro game room with almost everything you could imagine available to play. Flights to Seattle are generally not too bad, and I can probably house two people at my place (which is a roughly 20 minute $2.25 bus ride away from the convention center) for the duration of the con if they don't want to pay for a hotel (although there are some pretty cheap group rates for the convention if you book early). If anyone is interested in visiting, let me know! That way I can get us some prizes for the TGM tournament and also secure a candy cab. Additionally, I could probably put together something the day before the convention and the day after if anyone wants to play some extra TGM or take a tour of Seattle!

    Second is the issue of Amnesia flying out to California this summer. From what I heard, Amnesia is planning on flying out to California early on this summer. I'm sure some of the Norcal TGM people would like to set up a really fun meetup to make his visit memorable, and of course I can provide TGM1/TAP/TGM3 boards for whatever event. Kitaru, Amnesia, others, if you could try and start to come up with some ideas for what will be happening then, it would greatly increase my chances of being able to come.

    Third is the issue of the European summer meeting. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, we had meetups in London, Strasbourg, and Eindhoven respectively. All three of these events were great, and the 2010 and 2011 meetups had some pretty big turnouts! I don't know who is willing to host one this summer; Jago is married and I'm not so sure his wife would be willing to let him have a bunch of nerds crash out to play Tetris for a few days in his nice new apartment. Muf hasn't said anything on the matter yet, and I know that other potential locations might include London or Sunderland, which is where I have an apartment in England. While it might be easier for the European players who are attending to plan things out closer to the date, I really need to know as soon as February what two week period the meetup will happen during as I need to book my flight to England within the next three weeks or so due to some funky circumstances. I don't even need to know the location; just the time period that we can all agree upon. The flights from England to the meetup location/country will be pretty cheap for me, so the real problem is figuring out the time period before it's too late for me to get a reasonably priced flight. If anyone has any dates that they would like to propose, please let me know and post in this thread!

    Well, that's the long winded post over with. Hope to see some of you TC dudes again this year!
  2. What about a trip to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show?
  3. Muf


    Meetup at my place during the summer is definitely okay. It's a lot of planning and preparation but I prefer it over having to shuttle out to Strasbourg or flying to Sunderland :p

    Should I put up a month picker for potential participants to fill out?
  4. How would London potentially be a venue? Do we know someone there?

    UK Tetris Open currently expected to be in London on the 27th July, but there won't be TGM.
  5. I'm planning to go to the tougeki (which now takes place during the TGS) this summer but... 1€ = 97yens :oops::oops::oops:
  6. I'm going again this year and would love to play some TGM while down there! I saw the Ti setup last year but never got a chance to play it. :( Would be nice to meet a few other players too since I'm the only person who plays up here.
  7. Lardo4life, that's awesome. I don't even know who you are!! Well, at least, you never said hi or anything (IIRC; my memory is wonky due to these seizure meds). Always good to meet new people. I'll keep you updated on the cab/board situation for SC this year.

    Also, for the euro dudes: I just did some research about the flight situation for me. Would anyone object to having the meeting at some point in the first two weeks of September?
  8. I'm in California from about June 4th to August 24th.

    Meetup better happen between those dates or I'll be angry :<
  9. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    September would actually suit me better than any other month. Not saying I'll definitely be there, because... you know what I'm like; but I think I ought to make the effort one of these days. Maybe this could be the year we hold "The Masters Western The First" or something :D. Me, Muf, Kevin and Jago each have a TGM PCB, so 8 players playing simultaneously is definitely possible.
  10. I'll probably have a job and I'm pretty booked up until I graduate, so it's unlikely I'll be able to attend anything next year other than mEindhoven and the UK championships. In the UK and over the weekend, maybe, but anything involving flights is probably going to be too impractical to bother :[
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    For me that will be between the 12th to 25th August, but I can not be more accurate right now. It can still change and be around Jun or July..
    In every case, I will have to set this quickly if I don't want to pay the flight ticket an insane price.
  12. Cool! I don't need to know urgently when the Cali meetup is happening as I can book a flight pretty late for that. There's also a good chance that I might be living in SJ for the summer or at least for a month.
  13. This thread is relevant to my interests. Although I may be out of California (permanently) anytime after like mid-June. :<

    Then there's also the issue of getting myself to San José.
  14. I'm not going anywhere. Will still be in California... just let me know if the CA meetup will be in the Bay Area!
  15. Yup. I'll always be in Cali too, forever. Er...except for probably most of July where I'll be in Japan probably.
  16. Hey guys, muf made a date picker for the Eindhoven 2012 meetup this year. If you ALREADY KNOW that there is no way at all that you can make those dates, please mark that you can't on the date picker now. It doesn't matter if you don't know which specific days (i.e. Thurs-Sat or Fri-Sun or whatever) you can make, but the issue is whether or not those weeks work at all. If you do know the specifics now, feel free to mark those as well. This will save me approximately $1000. Thanks!
  17. Muf


    So it looks like EVERYONE is fine with either week. Any preferences? I'd like to start fixing which of the two weeks it's going to be; 13-16 Sept or 20-23 Sept.
  18. K


    Yup i don't care about wich week but i need to know asap for booking..
  19. I can't make it the Eindhoven meeting, but if you accidentally have to layover in San Diego you can crash on my couch provided you can get there. I'll even make you breakfast in bed (I hope you like poptarts).

    ah forget it...
  20. I need to be in Marseille on the 15th so second week would suit me better ^^

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