2011 resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by SYN7HOR, 27 Dec 2010.

  2. SWR


    Just reach M on Master Mode Ti. If I can buy a machine, I may up the goal.
  3. - TGM1 Gm sub-10:30
    - TAP Master m
    - TM Sudden Ti S10
    - TM Special Ti m7
    - ARS 40 lines overall world record (sub-28.20)
  4. TGM GM 10:something.
    TAP S5+ idklol
    Grade Mania 3 S6
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  5. I guess I might as well post some goals.

    Death M

    Grade Mania GM in under 12:00
    Grade Mania 3 m1

    みんなでテトリス 40 lines in under 1:00

    That's all I can think of for now
  6. Sudden Ti 501+
    Special Ti m6
    TAP S5.
    TGM1 GM.

    I'm sure I can do all of these if I quit taking 5 month breaks inbetween getting serious lol.
  7. Ai


    I'll keep it simpler this year. What I would like to achieve:

    TGM Gm sub 10:30

    TAP Normal score over 500000
    TAP Master M
    TAP TGM+ clear
    TAP T.A. Death M

    TM Special Ti clear
    TM Sudden Ti break torikan

    Sub 40 seconds 40 lines

    If I'm in the mood I'll try some of the more exotic stuff from last year. ^^

    Your 20G speed isn't bad at all compared to top players. You'll have to work on sub 20G finesse now to progress even more.
  8. i want to smash the shirase torikan.
  9. kx5


    I need to start playing again.

    TGM1 sub-11 GM
    TAP Master M again
    TAP Death M

    Texmaster Special TI M9
    Texmaster Sudden TI S9

    Beat Zircean's future ARS 40 lines world record.
  10. Only one resolution for me :

    Get the GM grade in TGM1 B)

    I believe in it, even if my personal record is S5 :oops:. I feel that i progress everyday as i'm playing now only in 20g mode.

    It's still hard for me to get more than 300 points in this mode, so trainning,trainning,trainning.....:twisted:
  11. Bumping because we're just about there. One last push before 2012!
  12. Apparently I never even posted here. I don't think I would have had any resolutions though...I got M rank in TAP Death in december of 2010 so I had already knocked that one out.

    Some other possible goals would have been death GM, TAP master M, and breaking the Sudden Ti torikan, but realistically those were all sort of too far out of reach.

    Actually, sudden GM is possible, since I've done 500-999 twice before and I know I can get M rank on a good day. TAP Master M is out of reach since I don't even have an S9, and the sudden ti torikan is impossible for me right now, especially given that I'm trying to do it without hold.
  13. I didn't post either. Didn't have a lot of time for stacking blocks in 2011. No new records at all until the very last day (today) when I achieved sub-minute 40-lines for the first time (which is not a mode I usually play a lot of)

    Previous record was 1:08 which was set way back in 2010. Played some these past few days, got down to 1:06, then 1:04, 1:03, 1:02 and finally 0:59. A good ending to a crappy tetris year.
  14. Hmm... I broke Shirase's Torikan. (Since in my opinion NDS_TGM does count for that.), but I haven't got to 500 in regular TAP death. I've got close, though. I'm not disappointed.
  15. K


    Bonne annéeeee.. burp...bluarghhhhhh.. :sowsuser:
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Started TGM in March 2011, get the GM grade in November, cleared the 20G mode and participated to the Masters in December.

    All I want for 2012 is consistency. I really don't care bout speed.

    Keep on training.
  18. Well, I got two of them. I also did SudTi 1300 which is at least part of the way there. There's only one thing I'm looking for this year...

    I hope I can do it, anyway. I'm losing motivation fast. The game is too boring now when almost every game I play is an MM and yet I'm still incapable of clearing the GM exam. Combine that with the non-existent competitive scene for the TGM series and I have to say that it's hard to really push myself to put in the hundreds of hours needed to finish it off. I now play pinball in lots of tournaments around Seattle and other parts of the US! You can check my progress towards becoming the best player in the world (hint: I am really really really really far off!) here.
  19. Well, 2011 was a great year:

    *Texmaster: Special Ti - M
    Then, MK.
    Finally, MO.
    *Texmaster: Sudden Ti - S13
    *Texmaster: Special Ti - Invisible Roll cleared so many times.
    *Texmaster: Normal - GM (I use to play this game mode almost never... xD)
    *And another minor achievements like Heboris: Ace-Hell (BIG) - GM (200 lines), and others not important...
  20. Yeah, 2011 was a great tetris (and only tetris) year. After so many years playing the primitive version in mame :D I ran across online tetris, TGM etc. and it's so fun! (in late '10 to be more precise)
    This year I hope I can get GM in sudden, MM in special ti, 1201 in sudden ti and M in special (I really doubt about the last one). In 0g my basic goals seem to have been achieved. ;)

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