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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Rosti LFC, 1 Jan 2009.

  1. None of those rubbish "try and eat more fruit/try and exercise more/try and work harder at school" ones. What Tetris achievements do you plan on getting before 2010 rolls around?

    - TAP Master M (with VSHG)
    - TA Death Gm
    - Sudden Ti (or Shirase if I have Ti) level 1000 (with VSHG)
    - Special Ti MasterO with keyboard, Master with VSHG

    EDIT for 2010: I met none of my resolutions for 2009, so I might as well just re-use them.
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  2. Muf


    TGM Gm, Ti m1. Not sure about TAP...
  3. Cool, I was going to start a thread just like this. But with an added thing where I'd ask people to reflect on what they accomplished in 2008 as well. Interestingly Rosti, your goals are all things I did for the first time in 2008, except for the MasterO. Not coincidentally I would be quite surprised to see you pull that one off. At least, on actual Ti it would be quite the feat. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd either need a perfect game with all Cools when logged out, or a strong invisible performance logged in.

    Last year all I wanted was a TAP Master M, Death Gm and to not suck quite so much at Ti (better hold use, breaking the Shirase torikan, and comfort at the maximum Master speed), which is about all I got out of the year. I think it's important to be ambitious if you want to improve. For example, I never really seriously commited to learning the m-roll, and predictably I haven't made much progress on that front. Here's my goals for 2009 in approximate order of importance to me:

    -Becoming competent at the m-roll (TAP Master Gm).
    -Learn to use a Sanwa as well as I use a Seimitsu. I've actually been Seimitsu-free for a month or so already.
    -Qualified M-something in Ti Master. It's just 2+ grades above my current level, but I feel it's quite a significant 2 grades.
    -Death Gm under 6 minutes.
    -Ti Easy 1300+.
    -TGM1 faster than 10:14.
    -Shirase S12 with S10+ being common. Some of you might be surprised to not see S13 here or to see it so low on my list, but section 1200's speed is just too crazy. I'm much more interested in "core" skills than being a raw speed freak.
    -TAP Normal 500k+.

    I almost forgot my one handed resolutions!!
    -TGM1 under 12 minutes, just enough to beat Amnesia.
    -TAP Doubles completed under 6 minutes, hopefully beating SQR if he doesn't improve further.
    -TGM1 double Gm. Because there's no menu or anything you can actually start both games at the same time!
  4. Fuck it, I'm going deep.

    - 999 10 games in a row.
    - GM!

    - S5 or higher grade in Master.
    - Death M

    - Special Ti Master grade.
    - Sudden Ti torikan breaker! (2:48 so far)
    - Sudden M

    - m5 Qualified Grade in Classic Master.
    - GM Qualified Grade in World Master. I will do this. I swear to Jesus Christ, I will do this.
    - S12 or higher in World Shirase.
    - S6 or higher (read: torikan breaker) in Classic Shirase.
    - All clear Sakura mode using Classic Rule.
    - All clear Sakura mode using World Rule.
    - Get Masterman Vending to put Ti in an Astro City cabinet. It's more likely than you think...the candy cab fund is growing larger!
  5. Muf


    Candy cabinets? In my vagina?
  6. What I've done last year:

    • TGM1 Gm
    • TAP Master finished
    • TAP Death: broke 300
    • was interviewed on TV about TGM
    • Introduced my girlfriend to TGM (she beat me in Sudden Ti (Tex'))
    What I want to do this year:

    • TGM1 Gm in less than 12m30
    • TAP Master S9
    • be at ease with Death 300+ speed
    • beat my girlfriend in Sudden Ti (412)
  7. gila

    gila Unregistered

    my "goals" are quite loose, since i don't get to play TGM/TAP that much as i did before, and the goals are not that great either, since i play with keyboard and it seems that i've reached my speed limit for some time now, so:

    - TGM: GM in less than 12:00:00
    - TGM: GM in 20G mode
    - TAP: get some more S8 ranks (i only got it once so far)
    - TAP: beat 999 mark (can't do right now, the speed pretty much overcomes me)
    - TAP: get higher score and less time in NORMAL maybe
  8. I wasn't really thinking that much at the differences between the Master ranks. I feel like I should be able to get Master with the keyboard right now, if I can just get a decent run in there and get a smooth transition between manually locking before 1200 speed and then half-manually locking afterwards. 12 months is quite a long time as well, and I'm not asking to be getting it constantly.

    It's hard for me to really look at what I've accomplished in the last year, because I can't really remember. I've got Death M with both joystick and keyboard, and I've got pretty damn good at Sudden Ti, and reasonably competent at Special Ti. I've got S9 in Special with my joystick but I've yet to replicate that on TAP.
  9. I'm aiming for Lockjaw 40 lines under 30 seconds. I need to improve a great deal but I like to aim higher than I can probably reach. It makes me practice harder. I plan on getting the top spot in Lockjaw one day so look out.

    Other than that I will probably practice Death Mode in TGM 2 and maybe learn to use the hold in Shirase. I'm hoping for some fun multiplayer experience this year, 2008 was void of multiplayer tetris for most of it for me.

    My final thing is I would like to learn enough about tetris to actually make a contribution to the wiki or something. I've learned a lot from Tetris COncept without every really giving back to it and I hope to chnage that this year.
  10. You heard it here first folks. TGM1 GM ~= TGM3 World GM. [​IMG]
  11. Yeah. The sad thing is I'll probably do World GM before TGM1 GM.
  12. 2008:
    began playing tetris
    tgm1 gm
    tap green s8

    tap m
    sub-11:00 tgm gm
  13. 2008:
    • Learn ARS
    • TGM1 Gm (success in June)
    • TAP Normal 300k (success in June)
    • TAP Normal 400k (success recently - Nov?)
    • TAP Master 999 - simultaneous
    • TAP Master S9 - simultaneous success
    • TAP Master 999 < 10 minutes (success first on Texmaster, then last week)
    Progress I didn't expect to make
    • Death 300 so soon
    • Sudden Ti 500
    • Tamaya trial fun
    • Clearing Special Ti, almost hitting the m-roll
    For 2009 in no particular order:
    • Death 500, if not M
    • TGM1 Gm in under 11:45, 11:30 would be nice, most of my playthroughs still sit around 12:05-12:10
    • TAP Master S9 in ~9:30 (need to speed up my 0-500)
    • TAP Normal 400k more consistently (i.e., play faster)
    • 2.5 tps ACE-ARS2 consistency before truly tackling Special Ti and Ti-ARS
    • 40 Lines in sub-40 seconds consistently (Heboris)
  14. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    haha this is ridiculous.

    Kevin: you'll probably get World GM first if you never play TGM1 ever.

    for me:
    - Texmaster Sudden M
    - Sega Tetris maxout using only 1 rotation button
    - Lockjaw 40 lines in 35 seconds
  15. Well...I'm already at World MO so I'm not sure about that. Then again, you're right, I pretty much never ever ever ever ever play TGM1 because I'm so bad at it and it's just frustrating at this point. Learning TGM/TAP rotation is just too hard for me at this point. I'm too dependent on hold and 3preview so I'll probably never be able to do it.
  16. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    well it would be pretty impressive if you made World GM Kevin. people joke about SRS a lot, but that's tough to do. there seems to be a lot of joking and not a lot of World grandmastering [​IMG]

    things i think are easier than World GM:
    - TGM1 GM
    - reaching Death 400 (maybe even 500 but over 3:25)
    - Sega Tetris maxout using 2 rotation buttons
    - TDS 7500 rating
    - Kids Tetris Grand-Mickey-Mouse-Master (haven't played so i could be wrong)
  17. Stop thinking so negatively. Just play TAP for a few weeks and ignore Texmaster and you'll get used to it. And will probably end up better at Ti ARS as well.
  18. Ai


    You already got S9 in TGM before so it can't be that hard to get the GM grade if you focus on the game for a while. I know you can do it!


    started playing Tetris around March for the first time
    ARS obsession at the beginning of May

    TGM : S6
    TGM 20G: S2
    TAP Normal: 349.201
    TAP Master: S1
    TAP T.A. Death: 245
    LJ 40 lines: 50.28 (when I first played the game getting under 2 minutes was really challenging)
    LJ 180 seconds: 35.200


    TGM: GM within 13 minutes
    TAP Normal: over 400.000
    TAP Master: S6
    TAP T.A. Death: over 400
    LJ 40 lines: sub 40 seconds
    LJ 180 seconds: over 45.000

    If the important objectives have been cleared I will try to play Ti style Tetris more seriously. My LJ resolutions are for both ARS and SRS, but ARS has higher priority. I probably won't be able to achieve everything but I will try at the very least. ^^
  19. Alright, Kevin, I'll match your goals and go deep for me.

    *able to play 20G indefinitely

    *reach S5 in master, perhaps finish to 999 (I can complete every section with an empty well, so it shouldn't be that hard)
    *Death M (I'm already over halfway there and I can complete 300-400 with an empty well)
    *play Doubles with Kevin (should happen soon)

    *qualify at least S6 in master
    *reach 300 in shirase
    *learn to read next piece in shirase with a low stack
    *Easy 700

    other goals:
    *sub-45 seconds in 40lines (requires an improvement of 10.76 seconds)
    *Heboris #G4 level 999 (so hard to do because I can't play at 1200 speed yet)

    edit: not a tetris-related goal, but get accepted to the UW early entrance program
  20. 2008:
    picked up tetris in June. at least 75% of effort was dedicated to TAP, and TA Death specifically.
    end of year: able to reach death 300 relatively consistently (on a good day). 300+ speeds getting more comfortable.

    at least one tetris session every day. no specific accomplishments needed as long as i improve =P
    (though, consistently good 20G stacking would be nice. also eliminating some finesse habits)
    -receive my arcade stick soon :D
    -achieve resaonable proficiency in Typomino (?)

    [slightly offtopic]
    other resolutions and achievements:
    -finished I Wanna Be The Guy (on medium)
    -XS ranks on every single Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (DS) mission. Under the Knife 1 (DS) and Second Opinion (Wii) have been done for awhile already.
    -finished Super Metroid 100% run, completion time 1:04
    -finished Super Metroid "Reverse Boss Order" run, completion time 1:35
    -played through Squeak Squad (DS), Canvas Curse (DS)
    -Got "good" at Beatmania IIDX (made the transition from keyboard to arcade-style controller, finally).

    -3 more XS ranks and then I'm done with Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii), meaning done with the entire series. Probably my least favorite Trauma Center, but only in terms of XS frustration.
    -get better at Starcraft (learn Terran, but keep maining Zerg)
    -play through all Touhou Project games (though suckage is inevitable)
    -play through Amazing Mirror (GBA) and Super Star Ultra (DS)
    -move onto Fusion(GBA) speedrun, or Zero Mission(GBA) speedrun (??)

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