20 Reasons You Should Play TetriNET2.

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  1. Message me now for the download link to TetriNET2.

    * V I D E O B L O G *
    02/07/10- IN-DEPTH LOOK AT TNET2 INTERFACE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX47OUcqaFs
    02/06/10- LIVE TNET2 TEAMS ACTION FROM LAST NIGHT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT8br_zUO1Y

    1. TetriNET2 was so fun and popular that it was the first fan game that The Tetris Company wanted to shut down.
    2. TetriNET2 has the best team support of any multiplayer game, making it very easy to play 2v2 and 3v3 or 2v2v2.
    3. You can customize and create your own themes with the 'TNed.exe' file! This means you can edit the colors/textures of your blocks and the field in the background in photoshop that only you will see.
    4. Sensitivity and controls are fully customizable.
    5. TetriNET2 is a small application, so there is no java or flash lag you have to deal with at all.
    6. The interface is one of the best things about TetriNET2, it is lovely.
    7. All your game stats are recorded and listed in a stats table, just right-click your name to view the stats. It displays the length of the game, how fast you went, how many lines you sent, apm, lpm, ppm, and who you were playing against, etc. (Easy for validating proof of you beating someone, or getting a speed record.)
    8. There is already a lot of active players on TetriNET2 just 3 days after it's return -- historically the lobby has always been packed and it is easy for people to stay and idle and just chat and have fun.
    9. There is a Classic + Specials game type with cool specials: darkness, confusion, quakes, switch fields, gravity, nuke, and more.
    10. You can fully customize the game rules/settings of a game that you create.
    11. We will be hosting future tournaments for TetriNET2, giving us the opportunity for lots of teams competition!
    12. TetriNET2 in my opinion is the most fun and addictive multiplayer Tetris game -- and the TetriNET series is what Blink, Trance, Maserati, and myself all started on.
    13. Lines are sent to ALL. The garbage system is completely fair, and furthermore there is no targetting.
    14. There is lots of competition, many TetriNET veterans are returning and it will be difficult as well as fun to try to make your way to the top.
    15. You can associate a clan/team tag beside your name to show off your team pride.
    16. One of the most popular things about TetriNET2 was the downstack game type, which you can create in a custom game. It is great for testing how quick you can downstack.
    17. There is zero down-time unlike some browser-based Tetris games. The game is always up and running fast.
    18. It is easy to private message someone by using /p, replying with /r, and you can even do a team message using /t.
    19. The well width is 12 spaces across, creating less emphasis on speed and blitzing.
    20. Playing it extensively will simply make you a more experienced and stronger player.

    - Here's what Trance has to say about TetriNET2,

    "Imo, it's not perfect either, but it has many elements that allowed the player to create a strong base and improve upon it.

    Wider fields means that the player can't just rely on outstacking the opponent with tetris's like we can do currently on blockbox. That type of playstyle was ridiculed during the tnet2 days. But since it's available now with a 10 block wide field, many of the "faster" players try that strategy without actually learning on how to improve on their downstack game. They think that because they're winning against slower players, that they're actually better than they really are.. But when challenged against a player who won't just lie down and die, their weak game after the opening tetris's will earn them consequetive losses. Tnet2 forced you to learn how to downstack well if you wanted to become better. This base carrys on to all different tetris games as once you know how to downstack with a random garbage, it's a cakewalk downstacking with clean garbage.

    You were also able to check your stats for every specific game that you played. If you were losing more than you usually do versus a specific player, you can check game by game what was different than what you normally do. Right now on blockbox, you can only check your session average? I don't even know where the stats come from. Could be the stats from your last game played only?

    Also it was king at game customization that allowed a lot of people to play whatever they wanted. I started off as a sticks player. A game with only sticks and surprisingly enough, it built a very strong understanding for my downstack game today.

    It's not a perfect game at all, but I don't think there's a multiplayer tetris game out there today that can teach you as much as tnet2 can. Granted it probably won't replace TOJ as my primary tetris game of choice, I do urge newer/less skilled players to give tnet2 a shot. It teaches you a lot more than you think."

    - spindizzy had this to say about TetriNET2,

    "Tetrinet2 is an awesome game. It remains the best pure versus Tetris game ever made..."

    - Here is what Shizi had to say,

    "TetriNET2 is home of the world's greatest Tetris players."
  2. One big reason not to play: Corrosive plays it
  3. K


    a new tetriNet game ?
  4. Muf


    1. That's a bit of a hasty conclusion, considering it's only been up for a few days.
    2. I think the years of downtime due to the C&D more than make up for any solid uptime it might have in the future :awe:
  5. - Here's what Quad had to say about TetriNet2,
    I've not tried it yet.

    - My Mother had this to say about TetriNET2,
    Go clean your room!

    - Here is what Your Mother had to say,
    Ohh right there! YES!
  6. I'm pretty sure there's no rule against linking games with "Tetri" in the name here. Or are you just wanting to keep track of everyone who downloads it for statistical purposes?
  7. Does Tnet 2 have that whole pieces come into the field randomly rotated a certain way?
  8. Yes.
  9. Here are some issues off the top of my head:
    1. TNET's rotation system is extremely unintuitive and difficult to use with the degree of finesse one may be used to in other games.
    2. Random initial orientations serve only to slow the player down and make finesse more difficult; they add nothing to the strategy of the game.
    3. The 12-width well is a comparatively small difference, but it too would make the transition difficult for someone used to the traditional notion of finesse.
    4. Time-based code makes Instant DAS unwieldy. (Ideally, there would be a third adjustment to DAS that adds a small delay after dropping a piece.)
    5. Although players are given identical piece sequences, it is my understanding that they are not given identical garbage patterns.
    6. TNET2 is no longer in development, so these issues are unlikely to ever be addressed.

    If someone made a TNET3 -- 12-width well, but the everything else addressed -- I'd probably try it. As it stands I don't have any real motivation to play TNET2.
  10. m:)


    i don't like the 12x20 thing.. i'll stick with 10x20..
  11. new website is http://www.tnet2.org
    download link is there and after you create an account you have to click verify on the site to get your confirmation code.

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