2 extra frames of ARE?

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  1. I did a frame-by-frame of KevinDDR's Shirase 1300 video, and I discovered that the delay between a piece locking down and the next piece entering is 2 frames longer than listed on the wiki. When ARE is 4 frames, there will be 6 frames between locking down and the next entry. When line clear + line ARE is 6 frames, there will be 8 frames in between.

    (When ARE is 25 frames, there will actually be 27 frames between the piece locking and the next piece appearing.)

    Does anyone know the reason for this? There's nothing about it on the wiki.
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  2. Here you go

    There's some great hidden content on the wiki that definitely needs to be merged into the main articles...
  3. Thanks. These are the values I'll be programming into Functomino, because the way I have the delays set up there are no gaps in between them, and I believe that way I can program more accurate timings into my own modes, because the delays will add up more nicely and be easier to calculate.
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