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  1. Alejodios
    Rin Tezuka best katawa.
  2. Alejodios
    Alejodios HedgeRunSnc
    otro latinoamericano? :o
    1. HedgeRunSnc
      29 Aug 2018
  3. HedgeRunSnc
    Another kiddo that wants to be the best, also I need help and it wouldn't hurt to have some friends
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  4. TGGC
    Anyone ever heard of "CTWC Germany"? Seems to happen in 2 days but there is no information available about it.
  5. Uli
    Uli Svavar
    Hi Svavar,
    2 questions (I'm not one facebook/Instagram):
    I'd like to take part in Copenhagen this year:
    - Can I just show up that day and qualify?
    - What are the Gameboy rules?
    Not sure if this is the right channel to contact you or if you are the right gut, bot worth a try.
    1. Svavar
      Hey Uli,
      It's a two day event. Qualifications the first day and maybe a part of the second day. No need to register or anything, you just show up and try to get the best score you can get. In previous years everybody that signs up for the gameboy tournament gets to play in 2-player link cable matches. Hope this helps! Look forward to seeing you play :)
      5 Aug 2018
  6. Purple Peak
    Purple Peak
    Terrible at A.R.S. :/
    1. Echo
      How many years have you practiced? :p
      4 Jul 2018
  7. nightmareci
    Coding something
  8. Raul1138
    ***STILL*** On the hunt for that big 600k.
  9. Oliver
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    2. Oshisaure
      Is that how you secret grade?
      1 Apr 2018
    3. Oliver
      1 Apr 2018
  10. moarkraps
    "Death is an absolute mystery. We are all vulnerable to it, it's what makes life interesting and suspenseful." - Jeanne Moreau
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  11. FreakyByte
    "Death may be the greatest of all human blessings." - Socrates
  12. Raul1138
    On the path to Tetris glory.
  13. bigwig
    bigwig colour_thief
    Too bad we weren't able to meet up this week. I was sick M-Th and couldn't really get to Waterloo on short notice. The good news is that I can basically come back to work from Toronto whenever so I'll try and make it for the next meetup.
    1. colour_thief
      No worries man, hope you’re feeling better!
      21 Mar 2018
  14. K
    shit ! i forgot ! i saw it : it's a shity movie because it is too "clean"
  15. K
    probably a shity movie i'll never watch then
  16. Amnesia
    I think I have alzheimer. I saw this movie "Still Alice", and this is exactely me.
    1. Muf
      I think you have hypochondria.
      21 Feb 2018
  17. Wave
    2 wide stacking is my fav.
  18. PiePusher11
    i like tetris
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    2. Echo
      me too dude what are the chances
      31 Jan 2018
  19. Muf
    Setting TAP to credit mode and having to fish coins back out of my coin box made me realise how expensive playing TGM is at a real arcade.
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    2. Echo
      I have a feeling japanese arcades with TGM and recurring players make their fair share of cash
      31 Jan 2018
    3. K
      That's why every single game shouldn't be suicided.. you learn recovery :p
      2 Feb 2018
    4. Muf
      I only suicide if I'm doing something like the COL challenge. Normally I never suicide.
      3 Feb 2018
  20. Raul1138
    Hunting that 400k