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  1. Shard Nguyễn
  2. Muf
    Any French people want to liven up the French subforum? It's so quiet in there!
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    2. COL
      I think it is because people are on holiday.
      27 Jul 2017
  3. Emptyeye
    Ah, THAT'S why Novice Mode in Texmaster uses its TGM2 music--it mimics a TGM2 mode, not TGM1 like I thought. </noob>
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  4. Amnesia
  5. Amnesia
    Amnesia Eluvyel
    The big question....What is your rate ? As I have said, I am living in Hungary, with a not bad hungarian salary, but still hungarian...
    I am afraid as a translator with experience you would take a several amount...What do you think about this text for example, this is a piece of the biggest and most complicated I think :
  6. Amnesia
  7. Shion
    Ti GET!
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  8. Shard Nguyễn
    1. EnchantressOfNumbers
      22 Jun 2017
    2. Qlex
      27 Jun 2017
  9. Shard Nguyễn
    Shard Nguyễn colour_thief
    Hello colour_thief, I watched your video of playing tgm, they are amazing, can you teach me to how to achieve the GM grade TGM 3?
    1. colour_thief
      I only ever got as far as the M exam. When you figure out the trick let me know! :D
      20 Jun 2017
    2. Echo
      1. Practice for 10+ years
      2. ???
      26 Jun 2017
  10. Shard Nguyễn
    Shard Nguyễn
    Yes!!!! I made a new record on TGM3, oh my god, I'm so happy
  11. Shard Nguyễn
    Shard Nguyễn
    Hey guys, I'm new so I want to say hello. And do I need to provide something to introduce myself?
    1. xyrnq
      16 Jun 2017
  12. Echo
    Tetris on LSD... Worst idea. Do not try.
    1. Muf
      ...Now I kinda wanna try it.
      10 Jun 2017
  13. Shion
    Several TAP boards appearing on YAJ. glhf
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  14. Oshisaure
    i need to recover from the puyo tetris curse
  15. Cublex (CBX)
    Cublex (CBX)
    Just passed my 6 promo on TGM3!
  16. Cublex (CBX)
    Cublex (CBX)
    Ranked up from 2 to S1 on TGM and from 4 to 3 on TAP. ^.^
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  17. Cublex (CBX)
    Cublex (CBX)
    Just ranked up from 3 to 2 on TGM1. :D
  18. Shion
    Shion xyrnq
    TAP is on YAJ, bids starting at 1,000 yen. It's listed as secondhand rather than junk, and 3 days left for it, so if you want, go nuts.
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    2. xyrnq
      Thanks for letting me know! :D Now a few days of sitting here waiting to see if it gets out of my price range :S
      26 May 2017
  19. Shion
    Type-X GET!
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    2. Archina
      Nice! You got the other equipment to go with it too? (Assuming you're using Ti in a JAMMA cab so would you also have a Ti HDD, decryption dongle and (hopefully) a Capcom Naomi converter?) :D
      19 May 2017
    3. Shion
      Capcom Naomi Convert I have also obtained, the Ti kit is a bitch to find, but I will make sure to find a way.
      22 May 2017
  20. thesoilknowsall
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    2. Tomek
      Playing Sakura Tetris :D
      8 May 2017