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  1. Adonis Mouse
    Adonis Mouse
    First time ever getting 3 tetrises in a game on Level 19! It's baby steps - but all of a sudden it's starting to seem doable. :)
  2. DLo
    30 years in the making — Max out ACHIEVED!
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  3. Ziihammer
    Ziihammer Raul1138
    Hey man I finally got that 200k you were encouraging me about back in May! Thanks for all of the support and introducing me to this community!
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    2. Raul1138
      Hey hey! I'm so glad that you got through it! Congratulations!
      19 Jul 2019
    3. DLo
      Raul is the best. One of the best supporters in this community. And the first one to welcome me here last year. Congrats on the 200k!
      12 Aug 2019 at 6:29 PM
  4. joemaro
    LJ65 on NES is still my favourite way to stack
  5. botitas
    played tgm1 on a really shitty mame cab outside a cinema because im desperate to play on a cab
    1. Archina
      Was it a good cabinet though? :p
      17 Jul 2019
  6. Sinewave
    oh no i switched to NEStris
  7. Raul1138
    Anyone know where I can get a nice 900k+???
  8. paxl13
    Working on stacking consitantly in TGM1 ( with a right well of 1-2-3 space )
  9. Sinewave
    still pushing on that GBTetris grind once in a while~
  10. TNTinthesky
    My TGM3 bests: Easy = 768H Sakura = 20 Master = MO Shirase = S12 (1260) (as of 5/21/19)
  11. Raul1138
    500k 19 start...Where are you??
    1. Raul1138
      No 500k 19 but I put up my first 800k+ score!
      10 May 2019
  12. MisdropPi
    ARS is hard...
  13. botitas
  14. Sinewave
    install gentoo
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  15. joemaro
    broke 40k on LJ65 (fast⊥NTSC) a couple of months back: 40233
  16. FreakyByte
    Heya. Unfortunately I won't be able to maintain the death toll this carnival, so if someone else could do it this year that'd be great.
  17. Lud 7Peças
    Lud 7Peças
    7 Peças caem do topo do poço
  18. Lud 7Peças
  19. Lud 7Peças
  20. Amnesia
    Pushing again my limits to destroy the MM crew.