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  1. Raul1138
    Raul1138 tame89
    I'm still stuck at 641k. Lol. I did increase my 19 PB by 200,000 points though, bringing it up to 410k. So I know that I have huge scoring games in me. Heck, my best 18 pre-transition is 593k. If I was to tack 410k onto that, I'd have my maxout! Lol.

    You're over on the two main Tetris servers on discord, right? Lol.
  2. Raul1138
    Happy New Years, Tetris Family!
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    2. tame89
      Likewise! By the way, my NTSC highscore is around 700K! How are you doing?
      9 Jan 2019
  3. tame89
    tame89 jpg
    Hey, you're the Jens I met at the last CTEC? Congrats anyway to your new PB! Cheers, Thomas
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    2. tame89
      You also bought original equipment! Great! Keep updating me about your progress! Once again, feel free to contact me via facebook ( Men i alle tilfælde skriver vi os! Godaften!
      9 Jan 2019
    3. jpg
      Ja, det gør vi :) I've quit Facebook, but I'll keep you updated in this forum. See you!
      9 Jan 2019
    4. tame89
      Hej Jens! Jeg ville skrive dig i aftes, men jeg var for træt. Eller jeg lærer ligefrem for meget sprog samtidig! Men tage timer til at bygge en dansk sætning er bedre end tage timer til at kigge YouTube film (Tetris film er en undtagelse!). Bor du i København,hvad laver/arbejder du? Godt weekend!
      12 Jan 2019 at 11:35 AM
  4. ooo000g
    had to make a new account here and now can't log into HD....
    1. Kitaru
      Not sure if this is the same issue, but sometimes I end up in weird state where I have to go to the HD main page, log out, then log back in, then I can post in the forums again.
      21 Dec 2018
  5. Raul1138
    Well, it wasn't 700k+ but I got my first KillScreen!
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    2. Raul1138
      Its so gosh darn fast...I've seen plenty of killscreen games of Tetris on video and it does it exactly zero justice. Level 29 felt like a cold heavy handed slap.
      16 Dec 2018
  6. TBMP
  7. Muf
    Miss me with that guideline shit
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  8. tame89
    tame89 Raul1138
    Thanks for your attention and good luck on your Tetris journey! By the way, I'm about to give the NTSC version a shot! I guess, going for 700 K there is easier than on PAL. But I should take care of what I'm saying! Cheers!
    1. Raul1138
      Absolutely and thank you as Well! Have to let us know how the NTSC goes. From what I understand PAL is a much tougher game.
      9 Dec 2018
  9. Raul1138
    On this the day of my birth, 700k+ killscreen incoming!
  10. joemaro
    LJ65 fast/bottom/ntsc NEW PB: 39909!!!
  11. OeufMeansEgg
    Transitioning from Emulator to NES...
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  12. frdhlm
    Grinding for PAL NES Tetris WR daily at
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  13. DLo
    No sleep til max out
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    2. Raul1138
      That's The Spirit!
      26 Nov 2018
  14. Raul1138
    Wow...Already over a year in the community. Over a year of playing and conversing. I'm so happy that Tetris chose me. 700k soon!
  15. joemaro
    new LJ65 PB - fast&bottom - 31605
  16. tame89
    On the mental road to 700 K...
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    2. Raul1138
      You and me both!
      22 Nov 2018
  17. CylinderKnot
    Today I got a ruby from the daily lottery on Tetris Friends! It's only one ruby, but one is better than none!
  18. HedgeRunSnc
    Profile photo changed :eyes:
  19. joemaro
    LJ65 [PAL]- slow&bottom: 73212
  20. Raul1138
    I Got My First 600k!!