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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 30 May 2008.

  1. Hello!
    I'm a newcomer to your community and wanted to stop in and say hi.

    I certainly don't have a history of playing Tetris, or any cool backstory as to why I'm here. But one day I woke up and decided I wanted to see if I could get good.
    Having found myself on the IRC channels since last week and convinced to start playing TGM2P, I just managed to beat Normal mode and hit level 300!! :D However I've been experiencing the Tetris Effect for the last few days now. Does it eventually go away?!

    Looking forward to chatting with more of you and getting better. :)
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  2. Welcome! I can say from experience that the Tetris Effect does eventually go away. I can't say for sure how long that took for me, but now if I play for a couple hours, I no longer get it.
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  3. Welcome to Tetris Concept and hope you have a great time here! Also, if by "the Tetris Effect" you mean the hallucinations then I'd say they'd probably go away once you reach a sub-conscious state in Tetris (Not having to think about where a piece goes.)
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  4. Hi everybody,

    my name is Chris. I am from Germany but have been living in Shanghai, China for the last years, because of work.

    I have been playing TAP on and off for a couple of years but never really seriously and with long breaks in between. Starting from January I have been taking TAP more seriously. I enjoy watching high level play very much and still remember how that infamous "Japanese Tetris Master" video blew me away back then. I am a keyboard player but a couple of days ago I made the decision to switch to stick because I like the feel of playing with an arcade stick. I am used to sticks because I am also a huge fighting game fan. But still there is a noticeable skill gap for me for TAP, right now my stick performance is maybe 60-70% of my keyboard performance. The gap will take time to close but I am determined to close it eventually.

    I currently alternate between Death and Master mode to practice my 20G performance. As far as my "skill" is concerned, when I concentrate and don't rush it too much, I can reach Death lvl 300 fairly consistently. I recently managed to get to 400, but only once. I usually top out at around 340-50ish. (The above all keyboard performance).

    In the last months I improved a bit and want to improve further. I would really like someone higher skilled to have a look at my play to point out things where I can improve or point out disadvantageous habits that I don't notice myself. There are some stacking behaviors that I know are not good but I can't really put a finger on it (hard to put into words). Advice regarding movement finesse would also be highly appreciated.

    What software do you guys use to record your videos? What would be the best sub-forum to post auch videos? And are the leader boards on this site active even for low level competition like myself?

    PS. I don't know if there are Chinese players or players who are in China on this site. Should any of you ever go to Shanghai please let me know. We can talk Tetris and I can show you around. ;)

    Looking forward to being a part of the Tetris Concept community!
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  5. Yo.

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^
    Seeing KAN play at GDQ blew me away.
    I've been playing for about 6 months technically, but I haven't put that many hours into the game at all (probably 3 2 hour sessions). I'm nowhere near 'Great'. I just got to rank 2 in master mode TGM2P.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    TGM2P only so far. I play it whenever I need a break from VSRG. Wanna play more.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?
    IIDX, DDR, Popn, etc. Used to play a little bit of fighting games. I play a lot of forum mafia if that counts.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    Not really.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    I think it was mentioned in one of the GDQ events.

    Australian player. Hoping to get better.
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  6. Welcome! I think most people including me use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to record their play or stream it live. The correct subforum for getting feedback would be the strategy one. I'm sure there are a lot of people who like to help you out. :)
    Of course, anyone is encouraged is post their progress on the leaderboards. :D
  7. Hi all, I'm Felix. I live in Montreal, were the poutine is great and people speak french. I'm not offended if you call me "noob".

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    I've been playing tetris all my life, my first copies were Tetris and Tengen Tetris on NES. I wasn't hooked until Tetris DS, though, which I bought after reading on forums how good it was. Glad I picked it up! I always carry it on me now when I'm at conventions. I consider myself just barely ok, but I'd like to get better.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    I had always wanted to play TGM, but never could because the emulation was too bad. I recently found out about Texmaster and it's my favorite version of Tetris so far (one day, I'll play the real ones!). Other than that, I still adore Tetris DS, and found new appreciation for Tetris DX on the game boy color.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?
    Stepmania. If any of you out there are into this, I spent 9 years on FlashFlashRevolution making songs and becoming better at the game. It's like tetris... but upside down! Aside from that, SHMUPS! My favorite games of all time (nostalgia probably) are Rocket Knight Adventures and Atomic Runner for the Sega Genesis. My favorite shmups are Rayforce and Einhander. And Fever SOS. And R-Type III. And Ikaruga. And Radiant Silvergun. And... gah, there's so many x(

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    Intelligent Qube on Ps1 even though I suck at it. I really enjoyed Polarium on the DS, as well as Picross. Surprisingly, outside of Tetris, I don't really dig puzzle games. I'm too impatient.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    Looking about info for Texmaster. I was surprised to see this is were the greats (English-speaking, at least!) hung out. Glad to be here. :)
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  8. Woo, yet another Aussie! I try to stream when I can, so if you're after someone to watch, drop by! I like streaming of a morning on weekends, meaning whenever I wake up and get coffee, so it's sometimes actually afternoon. It should be better time for viewing than most of the Europeans though :) Welcome! :D
  9. Je l'parle aussi. Je ne suis pas le meilleure, parce que mon vocabulaire n'est pas trés bon, mais... l'parle. ...un peu.
    ...hopefully, that translates fine on Google Translate.

    Anyway, welcome, glad to see you on board, and hope to see updates. :D
  10. meilleur* if you are a man, or la* meilleure if you are a girl, otherwise your french seems good! Nice job, Google Translate :)

    Thanks, I'll try to provide some! Right now I'm starting with TGM1 in Texmaster, trying to make my way to level 1000. I usually have a hard time passed 400, but I ordered a new Qanba Carbon stick which I intend to modify with my (first!) Sanwa parts. I'm super excited.
  11. Thanks. Sorry, it's been YEARS since I was last in a French class.

    As to the new setup, good luck!
  12. Hello, I'm garbanzoguy.

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    I played the NES version a few times in my childhood, but I didn't get into it seriously until after SGDQ 2016, when I decided that I wanted to try TGM for myself. I've been playing for about 7 months, and consider myself a pretty good player, but I still need to pick up more on overhang strategies and 20G stacking. I play Texmaster, and my current PB on TGM is S4/541, and on TAP Death it is level 212.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    I play Texmaster(mainly TGM1 and TAP Death mode) probably around 10 or so hours a week, and occasionally have spurts where I don't play as much.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Probably Super Mario World and other various SNES platformers.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    I used to really enjoy playing Lemmings custom levels, and Puyo Puyo. I don't play those as much now, though.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    I found it when searching for texmaster.
  13. God damn do I miss Poutine Lafayette

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