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Default Re: tetrisconcept no longer condones tetris clones

A couple tweets from Mihara:
TGMが好きなら、クローンで遊ぶの止 てくれw ちょっとイライラする事 想い出すのでw
ではなぜあなた達のYouTubeや他の動画 イトに、クローンの映像があるので すか? ライセンス許可が出ないの そういう事が起因なのです。
Rough translation: If you love TGM, stop playing clones. And, if you know the clones are troublesome, then why are they still on your YouTube and other video sites?

The only way this ban could ever really be effective would be to have everyone -- or even most people -- agree to remove their clone videos. To call this an unlikely scenario is something of an understatement.

EDIT: Why did TC break my paste.!/miharasan/status/28669490946 and!/miharasan/status/28673661772 for original text.
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